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MANZINI – The commemoration of the April 12, 1973 Decree did not take place yesterday as police abducted union leaders and dumped them several kilometres from where the event was to be held.
Union leaders like Vincent Ncongwane, Quinton Dlamini and Thandokwazi Dludlu did not meet their membership as they were taken to police stations for questioning.

The meeting was convened to analyse the impacts of 1973 Decree on the freedom of workers.
The decree by King Sobhuza II banned the operations of political parties in the country. 
Ncongwane, the Secretary General of Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA), was first chauffeured in a police van from Mhlaleni at 7.40 am to Manzini Regional Police Headquarters where he was interrogated by police.
He was then taken to Mafutseni Police Station, about 20 km from Manzini, for further questioning. Ncongwane was released after 12 noon.

Still under police surveillance, he was escorted to Manzini where he was ordered to be a passenger in his own car.
A police officer drove it to Mbabane.
The officer handed it back to him at 12:45 pm on the foot of Malagwane Hill in Mbabane. This is about 30 kilometres from Manzini.
There was a police car following that of the TUCOSWA secretary general.

On the other hand, Quinton Dlamini, the President of National Public Service and Allied Workers Union (NAPSAWU), was taken to the same regional headquarters before he was dumped at the foot of Malagwane.
Mduduzi Gina, the first Deputy Secretary of TUCOSWA, drove fast in the streets of Manzini on suspicion that police were pursuing him.  He alighted from his car near the Mandlenkhosi Building and sprinted to his office.
The Mandlenkhosi Ecumenical House houses the offices of TUCOSWA.

Police came and warned him to remain in the office – and should not be seen loitering the streets of Manzini.
Mphandlana Shongwe, the Second Deputy President of the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), was also ordered to remain indoors at the Mandlenkhosi Ecumenical House Building.
Sipho Kunene, Second Deputy President of TUCOSWA, was ordered to alight from a bus at Mhlaleni where police mounted a roadblock. He was taken to the regional headquarters and later accompanied to the same building.
Thandukwazi Dludlu, Secretary General of the Public and Private Sector Transport Union (PPSTWU) was also taken in for questioning at the regional headquarters with five others after being ordered to alight from a bus in Moneni at 10 am.
From the regional headquarters, Dludlu and his colleagues were then taken to Mafutseni Police Station before they were dumped at Mbhandlane near Mpaka at 1pm.
The five others were Zama Maziya, Sifiso Mabuza, Sizwe Masina, Ncamiso Nkuna and Mduduzi Fakudze.
It can be said that police managed to disorganise the meeting.

About 54 workers from textile firms from Siteki were later called to TUCOSWA offices after they found police in full control of the venue of the meeting at St. Theresa’s High School.
Police ensured the workers did not devise another strategy to continue with the meeting in an alternative venue. They manned the gates to Caritas.
It can also be said that the Mandlenkhosi Ecumenical House received high level security surveillance as police armed with batons were monitoring the situation there.

Comments (12 posted):

michelle on 13/04/2014 10:14:01
bloody hell swaziland govenrment, sibusiso and its monarchial democracy, whatever that means! ignorant twats !
Sydney Maseko on 13/04/2014 14:00:40
Is this freedom? Is this what is stipulated in the constitution? Whose interest is the police serving?
colleen matsebula on 13/04/2014 17:22:34
Lets throw the constitution away. It does not say what it means. Lets just forget about its lies. The Swazi constitution is full of lies. It makes the country ungovernable. Lets throw it away. Infact we dont have a constitution.
on 13/04/2014 17:50:50
the police are disgusting in the way they treat us nxa
mafiro on 13/04/2014 17:59:42
The way they treat us is not satisfactory what does the constitution say.
Mulatto on 13/04/2014 18:08:38
Why are we denied our rights??#Animal Farm
ku'rnoph on 14/04/2014 05:48:27
that is swazilang for you, you will never gather without police interfering in this country
Phinda Dlamini on 14/04/2014 08:32:55
Welcome 2 Eswatini skhuluma siswati,simaswati..We are ruled by his Majesty, de man of peace Mbangazitha..Kahleni maswati akuhlanganwe endlunkhulu kukhulunywe hhayi lokulwa...
Qui Vive on 14/04/2014 09:09:03
If you stop banging your head against the wall the pain will go away- Logic. The unionists knew this was going to happen but they didn't bother to change their strategy. Served them right.

My biggest question is: why tackle the government on the domain where they're strongest? Solo aniboni kutsi protesting has a success rate of 0%? It is time for you to come up with new strategies, that work.
Ntobeko Maseko on 14/04/2014 11:58:45
ngabe yiyona nkululeko le? I think all swazis need to take this thing serious and act as soon as possible. mass action is needed now.

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