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Mana’s matter raises tempers

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image Jonas Vilane the Lubuli candidate for the position of MP.

LUBULI – Chief Mshikashika Ngcamphalala was yesterday morning brought in to calm angry residents of the Ngca-mphalala Royal Kraal.

This was after several residents of the area vowed that they were not happy with the way the presiding officer was conducting the elections.
The EBC officer allegedly suggested that nominees should be advised on the way forward following a High Court ruling that said 18-year-old Mana Mavimbela should be included in the list of people to contest the elections.

The residents allegedly objected to that, which saw the meeting being thrown into turmoil. Several speakers took turns to register their objections to the suggestion of having Mana re-instated without having going through the nominations process.
One of the residents who was speaking freely about the whole thing was Sanele Sihlongonyane who said he wanted the whole process to start afresh.
“We were ready to vote but were so disappointed that Mana should be given a free ticket to the primary elections,” said Sihlo-ngonyane. “People here said they were not against her winning the court case but wanted the nominations to start afresh. We believe Sunday is too soon. A number of people left the meeting disappointed. Some of us resolved to go and cast our votes because our chief pleaded with us not to fail the electoral process by snubbing it.

“The EBC is to blame for the whole fiasco. Mana was allowed to nominate a person for the post of MP while putting on her trousers and the EBC official never objected. It became a problem when her name was nominated and everything ground to a halt. We believe if her candidature was disqualified on the bases of trousers then Jabulani Buthelezi, who was nominated by Mana, should also have been disqualified. Some people have travelled long distances to come and cast their votes and may not come tomorrow.”

Sihlongonyane said the police had to go and fetch Mana from home so that they could communicate the decision of the other nominees, which was to the effect that the elections were to be held today. He said they were not happy at all with the way the whole process had been handled.


... what if mana wins?


LUBULI – Johan Gina, a resident of the Ngcamphalala Royal Kraal said they were  concerned about what could happen if Mana Mavimbela could win the primary elections.

He said it appeared that the decision that people should cast their votes on Sunday was shoved down their throat.
“We are their employers and it was very abnormal for them to tell us what we should do. We will go and vote but we are not happy at all. Our chief pleaded with us to make sure that we do not put him on the spot by refusing to go and vote.

“We were happy when she won her court case. People should not be judged based on what they wear. We are not questioning the authority of the EBC but we were never consulted in the whole issue,” said Gina.
Chief Mshikashika Ngcamphalala confirmed that he had to go and address residents of his area.
The chief said he received a call from officials of the EBC who pleaded with him to go and reason with the people because they were not in agreement with what the EBC officials were saying.

“It is true that I was called to go and talk to the people. When I got there I found that the people were not in agreement with EBC officials. As chief I found it incumbent upon me to make sure that the elections were not disturbed by anything.
“I went to encourage them to make sure that they exercise their right of forming a government of their own through participating. I am yet to be fully briefed about the Mana case and I do not have details.

“I do not know what the people said in the meeting before my arrival. Elections are going ahead today and people should come in their numbers. We will attend to their concerns at a later stage,” said the chief.

Meanwhile, National Police Commissioner Isaac Magagula said he went to the area to check how voting was progressing.
The Times SUNDAY team found the national commissioner in a meeting with Chief Ndlondlo Tsabedze of the Malindza Royal Kraal.The chief said he was happy with the turnout. He said they were happy with the turnout and he would like the EBC not to close before they were allowed to cast their votes. 


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