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The children of King Somhlolo

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Please publish my letter in the Times of Swaziland about the children of King Sobhuza I (Somhlolo). 

He was called ‘Somhlolo’ (‘the strange one’) because his father, Ndvungunye, was struck by lightning. When Somhlolo was born there was a problem. That is why he was called Somhlolo.

His mother was Somjalose Simelane. The senior wife was Lojiba Simelane, who adopted Somhlolo.
Somhlolo built a village between Mbabane and Lusushwane River which was called Ezulwini (the valley of heaven). It was called Ezulwini because of the fertile valleys.

The first indvuna was Nyezi Nkhambule. He was not a chief, as I stated in the past that Tindvuna were made chiefs because of taxation purposes. There is no indvuna that owns the land according to Swazi Law and Custom (Indvuna ite live boNkhosi).
He can be given an area by the King if he was a hero during wars. Indvuna iyasikelwa hhayi kuphekelwa.

The main Incwala was at ka-Lobamba Lomdzala, there is a railway station which was named Lojiba by King Sobhuza II, which I think still exists. Below is the list of Princes and Princesses of King Sobhuza I:
1. Mavuso II (King Mswati II)
2. Prince Malambule
3. Prince Maloyi
4. Prince Ndwandwa
5. Prince Tsekwane
6. Prince Hhobohhobo
7. Prince Fokotsi
8. Prince Fipha
9. Prince Mgidla
10. Prince Somcuba
11. Prince Londvubelo
12. Prince Giba
13. Prince Khenkane
14. Prince Kufa
15. Princess Lambombotsi
16. Prince Lembelele
17. Prince Mantintinti
18. Prince Ndzabambi
19. Prince Mhlahlo
20. Princess Mphandzase
21. Prince Mphikeleli
22. Prince Mshiyane
23. Prince Msukusuku
24. Prince Ndzabakawombi
25. Princess Nomlalati
26. Princess Nonkhulumo
27. Prince Nyamayenja
28. Prince Sidvubelo
29. Prince Zithase
30. Prince Fatha
31. Prince Sidvwaba
There are princes and princesses who may have been left out by mistake.

Ndumiso Mahleka Dlamini
Court President

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