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Numerology, according to occultists, can reveal many ‘secrets’ about life and the universe, and the number 33 is of particular importance to them. Many so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ have suggested that world changing events, such as wars and even assassinations, which are said to be orchestrated by occultists, usually happen on certain pre-determined dates and times.

Occult knowledge is said to have originated in ancient Babylon, which happens to be located close to the 33rd degree parallel. According to famous occultist and white supremacist Albert Pike (founder of the Ku Klux Klan), the third world war must also be started on a specific date and time in order to achieve the desired results. Pike also happened to be a 33rd degree free mason. It just so happens that Tel Megiddo in Israel, from where we get ‘Armageddon’, is also located near the 33rd degree parallel.

Not many people are aware that Adolf Hitler was also an occultist, as well as a white supremacist. He was of the view that the Nordic Europeans descended from ‘Aryan gods’, who were apparently the real creators of the universe, and whose ‘divinity’ is said to have diminished due to their interbreeding with ‘inferior’ life forms, and as such, the Nazis had the ‘duty’ to ‘rid’ the earth of all the ‘sub-human’ races, which included Jews and black people, to stop any further ‘decline’ of the ‘Aryan race’. Strangely, the ‘black’ Dogon people of Mali are also of the view that they descended from beings from the ‘stars’ called ‘Nommos, who also gave them advanced knowledge about the universe. I wonder who was fooling who.

Hitler was also a follower of Ukrainian occultist, Helena Blavatsky, whose theosophist ideology led to the founding of the Lucifer Trust (now Lucis Trust), which was once based at 666 United Nations Plaza in New York. She was also of the view that numbers were sacred and held the secrets to ‘achieving divinity’ through constant ‘reincarnation’.

According to Blavatsky, the ‘Aryan gods’ were from the stars and came to earth to bring knowledge (illumination) to human beings. According to the Bible, however, the ‘angelic beings’, which came to earth and began interbreeding with human beings, were the ones which were cast out of heaven, which is located above the stars. These beings were known by many names, one of them being Annunaki. According to some Irish historians, the ancestry of the Irish people can supposedly be traced back to a race of ‘Aryan gods’ called the Tuatha de Danaan (or Tuatha d’anu), d’anu stemming from Annunaki.

Many people are of the view that Hitler believed that he was the ‘saviour’ of the Aryans who had come to establish a new world order (or new Atlantis). Sensing defeat in the war, Hitler is said to have committed ritual suicide by ending his life on a certain date and time in order to speed up the supposed ‘reincarnation cycle’ so that he could return quickly to finish the murderous mission which he started. However, Christians know that only demonic spirits have the need to incarnate and reincarnate by possessing a human body. Only God can give one eternal life.

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