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30% raise for junior cops

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MANZINI – Salaries for junior officers in the Royal Swaziland Police (RSP) will be increased by 30 per cent.

This news was broken by the Commissioner, Isaac Magagula, yesterday during his regional consultative meeting with police officers.

The meeting held at the Divine Healing Ministries Auditorium was attended by over 400 police officers from the Manzini region.

While delivering his wide ranging address on administrative and operational issues, the commissioner then made the promise to the junior officers.

Officers classified as junior officers are from the ranks of Constable to Sergeant.

The total number of junior officers in the police service could not be immediately ascertained yesterday.

The number of all officers in the service is about 4 300.

Overjoyed police officers clapped their hands and screamed when the commissioner made the announcement.

However, he said the officers had to be patient while government worked on the necessary processes to release the money but he said they would get it soon.

Some junior police officers who were interviewed after the announcement said they were overjoyed.

"I am too excited over this news because it has been long overdue. We deserve the money because we sometimes work awkward hours. Sometimes we are fetched from home when duty calls," said an officer.

The last increment for police officers was in 2009 when the commissioner upped their salaries by12 per cent.

Currently, the entry level for officers after graduating from college is slightly above E3 000 for a period of two years. After the two years they get an increment. Some Constables get as much as E7 000.

‘Drink-driving cops will be fired’


MANZINI- The Police Commissioner, Isaac Magagula, has said drink-driving police officers will be fired from the service.

"The fact that officers are now arrested with alarming frequency for drink-driving is reflective of the malady that cannot be allowed to continue unabated.

"From now henceforth, drinking and driving by officers will lead to dismissal from the police service," the commissioner said.

Magagula further said it was disturbing to note that some police officers were nabbed drunk while driving government vehicles.

He said this was totally unacceptable.

The commissioner also commended hard working police officers especially those under the Traffic Department, who excelled in doing their job on public roads.

"Police officers making newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons bring dishonour to the police service and will be dealt with. Traffic officers are recommended for enforcing the law on drink-driving without fear or favour, even if it is their colleagues, no one is above the law," the commissioner said.

Magagula further said that the police service would not ignore the cries that police officers were killing the tourism, hospitality and liquor industries.

He said there were concerns that motorists were literally waylaid and treated as common law criminals by officers, who at times accused them of being overzealous.

"We have said before that waylaying motorist was unethical and police officers should refrain from it.

"Those who even park traffic vehicles near drinking holes are advised not to and a person should be tested and arrested after she or he has proved that he is a danger to other road users or himself," the commissioner said.

‘This will create unrest’


MANZINI – News of the unprecedented salary increment for junior police officers was received with strong protestations by other public sector workers.

Last year the civil servants asked for a 4.5 per cent salary increment but government turned down their request citing unavailability of funds in its coffers.

The Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini also stated that there would be no salary increments in the civil service for the next three years as government tried to recover from the worst economic crisis to ever hit the country. When called yesterday, Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) President, Sibongile Mazibuko, expressed shock at the planned 30 per cent increment for police officers.

"Unless there is a justification and valid reason, we do not see why government would fail to apply some transparency here. If it is merely an increase not equity, it will definitely create unrest. When we engaged in a strike last year, we were stopped by a royal order. We did not receive anything," Mazibuko said. The SNAT president further said police and Correctional officers were covered in the same recognition agreement as other civil servants, therefore they had to be aware of such news before they were announced.

"Government cannot leave out other civil servants, as such will definitely create war. After the ‘Waya Waya’ protest last year, we had resolved to put to rest some of the issues this year, however, conflicts will erupt once again because of this development," Mazibuko said.

She also said government had to share with civil servants the little it had to create unity.

On the other hand, the National Public Service and Allied Workers Union (NAPSAWU) President, Quinton Dlamini, who was also equally shocked, said it would be unfair for government to give other civil servants money when others had been staging protests for 4.5 per cent which they did not get in the end.

"Unless the increments are standard, we would definitely not allow that to happen.

 If it means fighting for it, we will do so," Dlamini said. Minister of Finance, Majozi Sithole said he was not yet aware of the RSP salary increments. He said it was an issue that was handled by the Public Service Department.


- It is now evident that the government is concerned with rendering this country a military state. I dont want to believe that this is just an ordinary pay rise but rather a way to empower the police to continue brutalising and suppresing the freedom of association in the country. Just about a year ago teachers were victimsed and had their salaries cut just for demanding a mere 4.5% from the same government. I concur with the civil servants' decision of resorting to an unrest as this is an unfair discrimination in the civil servant sector. LONG LIVE NAPSAWU VIVA TUCOSWA!
March 1, 2013, 10:00 am, Lungelo Bhembe

- It is clear that the rats are already in the sack -waiting for the maize (SACU receipts) to be poured in. Give the 30% across the board then.Teachers need the money so much-underpaid.Police are only trained for only 6 months to polish their shinny shoes and paid like degree holders.This is unfair!
February 28, 2013, 12:44 pm, Sindiswa Gasolo

- We have been shouting for freedom!!freedom!!freedom!! Can anyone tell me if this is the freedom we have been talking about? Seva kutsiwa "No salary increment for the next 3 years" and then commissioner pops up with 30% increase! Is the government of the land for all or for a specified potion? What images does this bring to the teachers who went into the street for increment with even a less percentage but it all fell on deaf ears and now others will receive 30% increment from heaven!! Engabe lelive labokhokhomkhulu leliyiswa ehlatsini who will bring it back? I then find comfort in that even though singalingani lamuhla, we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord!
February 28, 2013, 1:19 pm, mahlalesangweni

- We all rejoiced when Swaziland gained it freedom but now it seems to me that it was for a particular potion. It was announced that there will be no salary increment for the next 3 years but immediately Commissioner pops with 30% increment for cops. Banani bona? Are they better than the teachers who marched to the streets for even a smaller percentage than this? Where is the country of our great grandfathers going? I wish the Lord could give me more years to spend and watch as the beautiful country that used to be Swaziland drowns into the sea!! Even though we are not equal in Swaziland but in God, sonkhe siyalingana
February 28, 2013, 1:28 pm, mahlalesangweni

- Well, teachers demands 4.5% increase, they get their salaries cut. The number of police officers needs to be reduced, lo, they get 30% salary increase (567% more than the teacher's demands) So that is the government of His Majesty!
February 28, 2013, 2:24 pm, Ntuthuko McNight






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