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MBABANE – Concerned about Bakili Muluzi’s efforts to help democratise Swaziland, some people of Malawi have advised His Majesty the King to reject Western democracy.

In a survey conducted by Malawi’s leading newspaper, Nyasa Times, out of 12 people, 10 said Swaziland was doing very well and His Majesty should not take their former president’s advice on democracy.
The Malawians have warned the King to be on the alert, as the West was imposing democracy on Africa, ‘so that the Westerners could undermine God and His commandments.’

One said, ‘Bravo King’ in appreciation of the country’s political system. 
They said the King should not accept democracy because the West’s main intention was to introduce homosexuality in Africa and “beastly acts on people.” Malawians said King Mswati III should take into account one fact –democracy was no different from what the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were doing. 

A beastly act in Christianity refers to the spirit of the Anti-Christ.
“Mswati please say no don’t give in. The West is imposing democracy on Africa so they can undermine God and His commandments like it is now there. Next they will bring homosexuality and beastly acts on people. It is like what Isis is doing, this is so because of this democracy,” a Malawian citizen, who signed in as Aunt advised the King of Swaziland. 

A citizen of Malawi who identified himself as ZZ Junior said: “Mswati, don’t listen to these calls for democracy. These are prophets of doom. Your country is much better the way it is right now. Look at what is happening in Libya.”

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Christopher khulu on 02/08/2015 15:28:31
It seems like the only reason is homosexuality and anti-christ coming with democracy.How about the good things that are in the content of democracy which as Swazis we lacking such as freedom of expression , and people governing themselves that can bring a fairplay in politicals
Goodman Simelane on 02/08/2015 22:44:42
Malawians should get out of our affairs. They should concentrate on their scandals,undeveloped country and unemployment.
Tutu shongwe on 03/08/2015 00:34:46
Talking of unique democracy that shines even beyond our country's borders. It's evident, some African country's wish to emulate Swaziland in her democracy. For the haters, i know these compliments don't go down well with them.

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