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Elections registration made compulsory for Ensingweni

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ENSINGWENI – Chief Maloyi of Ensingweni says registration to vote in the elections is compulsory for his subjects.

He said those who would not participate in the upcoming national elections would be in defiance with His Majesty King Mswati III’s orders.
Chief Maloyi said this during a community meeting that was held at Ensingweni Umphakatsi on Saturday.

He said participating in the upcoming national elections was compulsory for them because it was the King’s order that the country should go to elections this year.
He said he had heard that some people thought that registering and participating in the elections was by choice.

“I have been told that some of you thought that participating in the upcoming national elections is for those who like it. That is not true; it is for every Swazi citizen. The only people who have a choice of participating are foreigners, not you,” he said.
The chief said he had also heard that some people had already begun campaigning and warned them against doing so because it is against the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) rules and regulations.

He said the EBC Chairman; Chief Gija had spoken that campaigning before nominations was not allowed.
“I do not want people who do not respect the law in this community, because whatever you do comes back to the chiefdom.


“It later comes out as if I do not warn you. When you break the EBC laws, you will also be disobeying the King,” the chief said.
On another note, Chief Maloyi urged the community to do the right thing during the election process.

He told them to apply their brains when participating in the elections and they should make sure that they do what is good for the community.
The chiefdom’s Headman Pholotsi Dlamini sang the same tune and said they expected everyone in the community to register and participate in the elections process.
He urged those who do not have national Identity Cards (ID) to go and register.


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