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MAFUTSENI – Community police members allegedly rescued a suspected ritual killer from an angry mob of residents who allegedly attacked, assaulted and further set him alight.

The incident of mob justice, which almost claimed the life of the alleged ritual killer, took place over the past weekend at Mafutseni, an area situated about 30km east of Manzini.

A well-placed source, who also witnessed the incident, alleged that *Siboniso had attended a funeral service in the community when he jokingly told one of the mourners that he was useless as his blood could not be used for any muti since he allegedly drank a lot of alcohol.

The source added that the man  then raised the alarm and told other mourners about Siboniso’s alleged claims and how he had mentioned that blood was allegedly used to make muti. 
“A group of mourners from the community approached the suspected ritual killer and asked him what he knew about the use of  blood in making muti.

“As they argued with him, the fight attracted more people who also approached him and wanted to know why he was joking about the subject at a time when community members were living in fear of ritual killers,” the source, who preferred not to be named, said.
This comes after a woman, who is alleged to be Siboniso’s relative, went missing about a month ago.
Immediately after she went missing, a 16-year-old boy was grabbed by three men who slit his throat before being disturbed by the boy’s friends who called his name.


After these incidents, a community police member was allegedly chased after by unknown men at night, however, he was fortunate enough as he outpaced them.
“Upon seeing that the mob was baying for his blood, Siboniso confessed to killing the missing woman. He revealed that he was in the company of three men, whom he mentioned by name,” the source alleged.


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