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PIGG’S PEAK – The arrest of a pupil who had allegedly committed an abortion, has opened a can of worms regarding the sale of such tablets in a particular school in northern Hhohho.

It took the arrest of one of the pupils to uncover allegations that more scholars may have fallen victim to being enticed to buy pills used for illegal abortions and the matter is now investigated by police.
Abortion is currently illegal in Swaziland unless it is for medical reasons.

Pupils have revealed how one of their schoolmates, *Lolo is said to have solicited other fellow pupils to purchase the tablets.
Ideally, the pills, which will not be identified, are not illegal, but they are not to be used when pregnant because they may lead to the expunging of the foetus.
 Pregnant pupils were said to be targeted upon being identified.

The pupils, even those from lower grades such as Form I and II, were also targeted as they feared being expelled if found to be pregnant. Some of the pupils, who spoke to this reporter, claimed that money for purchasing the pills was often easily accessible, as their boyfriends were willing to give them the funds. The name of the school where the incident happened will not be revealed to protect the pupils but it is situated around northern Hhohho.
One of the pupils in Form II is said to have committed an abortion after she was allegedly financially assisted by her 27-year-old boyfriend, who has already appeared in court for the offence.

Upon committing the abortion, the father of the teenage girl is said to have discovered the foetus hidden somewhere, and reported the matter to the school.
It was after this that an investigation was carried out, resulting in the arrest of the pupil as well as her boyfriend.
The pupil is said to have been approached by *Lolo, who told her that she could assist her in getting rid of her pregnancy at a fee of E400. This led to the pupil then asking for some money from her boyfriend, who is alleged to have paid for the pills.

Lolo, after receiving the money, is then said to have transferred it to another person based in Mbabane, who purchased the pills. The pills are then alleged to have been delivered to the teenager’s friend who allegedly administered them to the pupil.
Upon the arrest of the duo, this then led to another investigation by the school as well as members of the Royal Swaziland Police.

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