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MBABANE – Swazi Airways has officially closed down and retrenched 23 employees.

This is the airline that was supposed to also operate from the King Mswati III International Airport, with routes that included Durban and Cape Town.

After conducting training for the airline staff, including air hostesses, the 23 individuals now have to be on the job hunt again.
The confirmation that the business had closed was done through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security First Quarter (April to June 2017) Performance report, which was tabled in the House of Assembly.

In total, according to the ministry there were 495 employees who were, retrenched during the past three months.
However, it is unknown if the report will be debated because the MPs resolved that they would not handle any business from Minister Winnie Magagula until she implemented a House resolution calling for her to increase allowances for UNISWA students.   

Under the Industrial Relations Unit, the ministry said all the reports of the redundancies were attended to timeously, and that they took place under 10 different sectors of the economy, with the majority being loss of contract from labour broking.

Under the regulation of lay-offs, which refers to a temporary partial or full stoppage of work due to reasons beyond the control of the employer, the ministry stated that 773 workers were affected during this period.
The ministry said the 773 lay-offs occurred in two companies during the period under review, and this was due to lack of working materials and orders.

Under the textile and apparel industry, 600 workers were affected by the delay of arrival of materials, while 173 lay-offs under the manufacturing and processing industry were due to the shortage of orders.

On industrial actions or strikes that occurred during the past three months, it was reported that only one strike action took place, which was in compliance with the law.
The ministry said this had occurred on June 27, 2017 in the Lubombo region, where 78 workers from Mananga Sugar Packers engaged in a strike.

It was reported that 2 496 man hours were lost as the workers demanded 12 per cent wage increment, housing allowance and notching respectively and also wanted E300 electricity allowance.
Need for Unemployment Insurance Fund


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