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MBABANE – The father of the family that was caught parading naked at night at Ngculwini has since been evicted by the inner council of the area and told to seek a new beginning elsewhere.
The father revealed the verdict of his eviction yesterday in an interview.

He said he was surprised by the decision issued by the inner council as he had not been given a chance to plead his case. He further disputed to have, at any point, sent his son and daughter in-law to parade naked in the still of the night in the area.
The father said he was summoned to the royal kraal with his son and daughter in-law, who came with her relatives last Thursday. He said during the meeting at the royal kraal, the focus was solely on the two who were caught parading naked at night.

The father said after a lengthy discussion at the royal kraal, the inner council decided that he be evicted from the area.
“They told me to leave the place because the residents do not want me there anymore. There was nothing I could do after their decision. I am wondering, though, how they came to the conclusion that I should leave because I was not the one caught parading naked at night, but my son and daughter in-law I need clear reasons why I am evicted,” he said.

He said he was now waiting for a signed document from the royal kraal which would confirm his eviction so that he could seek a new beginning and ask for help from the society. He lamented, though, that he was too old to start a new life due to financial constraints.

He said after the judgment was passed, a group of incensed residents attacked him on Saturday night. He said if it were not for the presence of the police, he would have been harmed by the rowdy residents. He said the group chanted, whistled and called him names and vowed to deal with him.

He said he had not yet collected his belongings at Ngculwini because he did not know where he would go to. The father mentioned that it was a challenge to be accepted in other communities following the saga of his son and daughter in-law parading naked with their son estimated to be three years old.

Comments (3 posted):

Malacoaster on 19/05/2015 11:14:28
It's not fair for the old man xem.....he has nothing to do with his son's acts....
moses tfwala on 19/05/2015 16:00:01
in this century, whwt a backward country we are.
Xolile Ngcamphalala on 19/05/2015 20:10:37
its so painful to this old man...they should have evicted his son and daughter in law only

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