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50-year-old woman rapes 14-year-old boy

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PIGG’S PEAK - A 50–year old woman has been arrested and charged for forcefully having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old pupil who is her neighbour.

Siphiwe Masilela, an orderly at the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital, is alleged to have grabbed the minor and forced him into her room where she ordered him to undress before sexually abusing him.

Masilela has since been charged for sexually abusing a Standard Four pupil who attends one of the schools around Pigg’s Peak. She was due to appear at the Pigg’s Peak Magistrates Court yesterday but the case was postponed to Monday after Magistrate Leo Dlamini, who was due to preside over the matter, was reported to be bereaved.

In the statement she recorded with the police, Masilela is said to have confessed having sexual intercourse with the minor but said she was in a love relationship with the boy. According to the charge sheet Masilela unlawfully, intentionally and wrongfully had sexually intercourse with the 14–year-old minor (name deliberately withheld) who by law cannot consent. In his statement the pupil said he had gone to the woman’s house which is situated a stone’s throw away from his homestead to deliver a book to her son.

"I had gone to deliver an agriculture text book which I was selling to her son who attends the same school with me. Upon arrival at the house she ordered me to get inside since she wanted to pay me for the book," he said.

The survivor said it was while inside the house that she invited him into her bedroom under the pretence that she wanted to give him the money and it was after showing some resistance that she grabbed him by his left arm and dragged him into the bedroom. The pupil said it was while inside the bedroom that the woman forcefully undressed him before fondling his private parts. After sometime the woman also undressed and began forcing herself on him.

"I tried to scream for help, but she threatened to assault me and it was after she had finished what she was doing that she ordered me to leave the house. She also warned me not to tell anyone about what happened," he alleged. The pupil said upon arrival at home he related what had happened to his sister who then reported the matter to elders of the family before informing the police.

Masilela was later arrested and charged.

... boy’s family furious after suspect released


PIGG’S PEAK – The family of the boy who was allegedly raped by a 50 year-old woman expressed their disappointment after learning that she had been released from custody.

It was learnt yesterday that Siphiwe Masilela had been released and this did not go down well with the boy’s mother.

The mother, who also cannot be named for ethical reasons, said the police should have detained the woman until the matter was concluded by the court of law.

She said the police should have considered that she is their neighbour and the rape was traumatic to her son as he cries each time he sees her. "I also fear for her life as some of my children are baying for her blood now," she said. She said she would take her son for counselling.


 A police officer said the reason Masilela was released was because she is not a flight risk. "The offence she committed is a very serious one, but she was later released because we did not view her as a flight risk as we know her place of abode and that of employment," said the officer who preferred anonymity.

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