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Malanti Chiefs' Gumedze fuming over Fashina

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MBABANE- Malanti Chiefs boss Dumsani Gumedze is fuming over reports that his striker Olayen Fashina has joined CSSC of Mauritius.

According to report sourced from the internet, Fashina, who is a Nigerian is the toast of CSSC since joining the team last year. The reports state that he is a hero because of his speed and scoring ability and has attracted a lot of supporters.

Contacted for a comment yesterday, the Malanti boss said he had received the news about the player plying his trade in Mauritius.

"I’m so angry because in as far as I know, Fashina is our player and we have everything including his international clearance.

"The big question therefore is who cleared him, using what documents because we have all the legitimate documentation," Gumedze wondered.

Gumedze said the player left in November and was meant to come back later, but he never did.

Fashina joined Malanti in July after flying out of Mbabane Swallows nest.

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