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MBABANE - It has since been revealed that the Baceth Hardware employee who was murdered inside her flat in Lobamba was killed for allegedly refusing to remove her cellphone password.

The revelation is contained in a confession statement that was recorded by Andile Dlamini, who stands accused of killing his girlfriend. The confession statement was handed in as part of evidence by Magistrate Musa Nxumalo during the continuation of trial yesterday. In his statement, Dlamini who was employed as support staff at Ezulwini Police Post, during the commission of the offence, shared that it all started after he paid a surprise visit to his girlfriend (deceased) to try and resolve issues emanating from their relationship. At the time, Dlamini stated that he had no peace of mind, as Simelane had put a secret code on her cellphone. He stated that upon arrival at Simelane’s flat, he found her watching television with her female friend.

“Simelane gave me food after her friend had excused us. I ate a little before requesting that we resolve our pending issues. I requested my girlfriend to first remove the password on her cellphone but she refused. I locked the door before we started wrestling. She opened a drawer and picked up a kitchen knife, which cut her hand before falling to the floor. I do not know what possessed me thereafter, because I recall pulling another kitchen knife from the drawer and slitting her throat,” alleged Dlamini in his confession statement.

He added that he then cut his throat using the same knife. He stated that he did not know what happened next because he woke up at Good Shepherd Hospital. “It was then that I was informed that Simelane has died. I had no intention to kill my lover,” reads the confession statement. Evidence that was presented in court pointed out that police officers found Dlamini lying in a pool of blood next to his deceased girlfriend inside the locked house, when they attended to the scene.

Magistrate Nxumalo informed the court that he followed the procedure required before recording the confession from the accused person. He submitted that part of the procedure was that he asked Dlamini who sent him to record the confession. He told the court that he also asked Dlamini if he was forced or he voluntarily came for the confession. “I asked him if there was anyone who promised him anything in return if he recorded the statement. I asked him if he was coerced or injured. Dlamini told me that he freely and voluntarily came for the confession. He stated that he was neither forced nor coerced to record the confession. He said he had no injuries,” submitted Nxumalo.

He added that the confession was recorded in the presence of the court clerk. However, through his lawyer, Dlamini informed Nxumalo that when he recorded the confession, he was not aware of anything as he had been arrested and appeared before a judicial officer before. He claimed that he was not in a good state of mind as he had just been discharged from hospital after sustaining severe injury to his throat. He claimed that he was admitted for three days due to the seriousness of the injuries.  He further claimed that he was not in a position to tell the truth to the judicial officer because he was coerced and intimidated by the police officers.

“I was wearing a bandage when I appeared before you. I did not tell you about the injury because the police had threatened that I will not be released from custody if I say anything that will make the judicial officer refuse to record the confession,” he alleged. In response, Nxumalo stated that he tried everything in his powers to ensure that Dlamini voluntarily came for the confession by asking him all relevant questions. Nxumalo stated that Dlamini had ample time to make everything known to him inside the chambers. He told the court that Dlamini appeared to be fine.

“It would have been unwise for the police to bring an injured person for a confession. I would have not recorded the confession statement had Dlamini informed me of the allegations he is now making in court. I am not a physician to detect injuries from a person wearing clothes,” he said.
The matter will return to court on May 19, 2023 for continuation.

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