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MBABANE – About 30 armed police officers have raided the house of Sifiso Mabuza, Deputy Secretary of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) Siteki top branch last Thursday night.

The raid is said to have been conducted at Mabuza’s residence at around 8:30pm.  The officers took documents at the teacher’s house during the raid.
Mabuza confirmed the matter and said the officers told him they were raiding his house after they got a tip that he was keeping explosives in his house.
The deputy secretary said he allowed the officers to search his house, but they couldn’t find any explosives.

“About 30 police officers raided my house on Thursday night. I was with my family at the school’s quarters. Actually, it seems they followed me as I was returning from a SNAT extraordinary meeting for the Siteki top branch. They arrived at my place in five cars; three vans and two sedans.
“Most of them were wearing plain clothes. Initially, when they came to the house, they said they were looking for explosives and asked to search the house,” narrated Mabuza.

He said the law enforcers started their search in his bedroom but couldn’t find anything. Mabuza said he noted that instead of enquiring about the said explosives they questioned him more on matters involving SNAT.

He said they enquired about the SNAT Siteki top branch meeting he had attended that afternoon before he was raided.
Mabuza said the officers also wanted to know what the meeting was all about.

He said the officers also enquired about the lobbying for the recently called-off SNAT extra rdinary meeting which was held at Bosco Skills Centre on Saturday. He said the officers threatened him during the raid but did not assault him.
“The situation was very intimidating. We were preparing for supper with my family when the police officers arrived. My children were really traumatised by the incident.

“A number of armed officers remained outside the yard while some searched every room in the house,” Mabuza said.
Following the raid, the officers left Mabuza and his family still shocked at what had happened.
During the raid, other teachers at the quarters are said to have watched from their doorsteps while some took a glimpse through windows as police went about their search.

So far information has been scanty if it was only Mabuza’s house targeted by the police. However, it was not the first time for his house to be raided by the police.  Mabuza also confirmed this but said even before, he was not found with explosives in his possession and that if such was the case, he would have long been arrested. Mabuza is a teacher at Mpolonjeni High School.
When reached for comment Police Deputy Information and Communications Officer Khulani Mamba said the matter was not reported but promised to investigate it.

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Monica Mabuza on 10/11/2014 12:52:43
Brother Mabuza, Is this for really ? Do the law people think you will be that daft to keep or hide explosives in your house. In Swaziland we do not need explosives, explosives is between our lips. If they can try to suture our lips that will be the best move. Don't be scared brother, stay calm.
Thank you Mr Editor.

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