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MBABANE – Cabinet ministers, after of the 6.5 per cent salary increment was effected recently, are now paid salaries higher than those of some heads of state in the SADC region.
SADC is the Southern African Development Community.

The Times Investigations Desk has learnt that Swazi ministers earn salaries higher than that of Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and President of Seychelles James Michel. Furthermore, this publication has learnt that Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini remains the highest paid politician than most heads of state in the SADC region.

The PM is remunerated a higher salary than heads of state from countries including Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Seychelles.

Cabinet ministers, after the new salary hikes, are now earning a basic salary of E43 852.83 which equates to E526 233.96 per annum.
However, the Lesotho prime minister reportedly earns a salary of E480 000 per annum which is about E40 000 per month.

Prior to the increments, Cabinet ministers were earning a basic salary of around E39 000 which has, however shot up to E43 852.83. This effectively means that they now earn E3 852 more than what the Lesotho PM is remunerated.
President of Seychelles James Michel is reflected to be earning E312 000 per annum which is E26 000 per month.
This means local ministers are earn E17 852.83 more than what Michel earns.

Prime Minister Dlamini’s salary, after the new salary increments, stands at E54 816.08 per month which is E657 792.96 per annum. 
As reflected in the review of the terms and conditions of service for politicians in the Ministry of Finance, the PM remains the highest paid head of government when compared to some heads of state in SADC.
The review was compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers. This was after a public outcry that saw His Majesty the King calling for the review of Finance Circular No. 1 during Sibaya.
The review states that president of Botswana earns around E578 070 per year. This effectively means the president, Ian Khama, earns a salary of E48 172.50 a month.  This marks a difference of E6 643.58 to what is earned by the PM and Khama.

Mozambique President Armando Guebuza is reflected to be earning a salary of E546 551 per year which is E45 545.92 per month. This means the local PM earns E9 270.16 more than Guebuza.
President of Seychelles Michel is reflected to be earning E312 000 per annum which is E26 000 per month while the Swazi prime minister earns E28 816 more than Michel.
It was stated that due to the lack of benchmark information from similar sized countries (based on GDP) to Swaziland within SADC, PWC was unable to benchmark the total cost of remuneration for the majority of Swaziland parliamentarians remuneration data.

“Observations from the above indicate that Swaziland’s prime minister earns marginally higher than the average of the comparator group.
“The basic salary of the president of Mauritius represents an outlier, as it skews the data,” stated PWC.

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Charles Mavuso on 15/09/2014 08:29:39
This country is a joke. Ingahlala njani i wage bill ingabi yinkhulu ke. cut those salaries and add useful civil servants.
touch on 15/09/2014 10:58:58
yhooooooooooooo.esh what 2 do then
Realist on 15/09/2014 12:32:09
It seems as though they are already in the first world! It must be their reward for doing such a good job of putting SD at the bottom of African economies but at the top of African countries with a high cost of living!
mbho shongwe on 15/09/2014 12:38:27
The source of revenue does not warrant that these public servants should be paid so much, even higher than some Heads of State in the region ! Could it be that there is a gold mine somewhere, where the money is sourced from ! How can the country develop to benefit the entire populace if such resources endup going to few individual pockets, yet development projects remain underfunded or suspended due to non-availability of funds ! All is about stomach politics, in this country !

sifiso on 15/09/2014 19:22:18
Jokes aside what our prime minister earns,befits him. He works hard,and he is a good ambassador for our country.keep working hard nkosi,we love you.
goodwill on 16/09/2014 04:12:43

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