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MBABANE – Three Swazis have been banned from South Africa for five years after overstaying in that country.

The banishment is part of the hard line approach which the South African Government adopted a month ago against foreigners who exceed the number of days given to them to stay in that country.

Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Home Affairs Anthony Masilela confirmed the matter and said it was an unfortunate situation because the citizens were wrong by exceeding the days they had been given.

He said two of them were employed and the other was just a visitor.
“They came to my office in tears hoping that there was something that the ministry could do but sadly we couldn’t help.
“I only referred them to the South African High Commission offices and I’m not sure what they did for them,” said Masilela yesterday.

He emphasised that the ministry did not condone wrongdoing, and if people want to avoid being banned from South Africa they had to adhere to the number of days given to them at the border gates.

Asked what would happen if the banned trio needed medical treatment from the neighbouring country, the PS said a medical visa would be used.
Early this month Masilela warned citizens not to overstay their welcome in South Africa.

The amended Immigration Regulations of South Africa, stipulate that any foreigner who exceeds the number of days they were given when entering the republic, will be categorised as an ‘undesirable person’ for one, two or five years. 

This will especially apply to foreigners who use a visitor’s visa, and also those who use study permits and work permits.


Newly-appointed South African Minister for the Department of Home Affairs Melusi Gigaba made the announcement concerning the amendments last month, but it proved to be an unpopular decision as many South Africans were against it.

Meanwhile, the PS had mentioned in a previous interview that it had almost become a norm that some Swazis were, on a regular basis, found to have overstayed in South Africa and penalised for it too.
He said they paid up to E1 000 as fine.

“I suppose that the government of that country saw that the fine was no longer effective as a deterrent, hence amending the laws.
“The bottom line is that it’s not good for Swazis to exceed the days they are given to be there.

“That is why I’m taking this opportunity to warn citizens not to overstay in South Africa,” Masilela said.

Comments (10 posted):

Ciniso on 26/06/2014 06:35:19
this is rubbish!!where do they get the guts to do such thing bunning them for five years!!!!I thnk they should do somethng about this law,it sucks!!
Maqhawe on 26/06/2014 09:36:17
but really our government has to do something about this coz we don't have enough jobs in our country that is why we rely in South Africa. Sometimes our bosses can't understand when u tell him/her that your days expires then u in for it if u don't take an off.
sipho on 26/06/2014 09:49:08
I think it will be wise not to overstay as that will save everybody the unneccesary trouble. People should make use of the days given to them, then we see as to whether is there a Swazi citezen who will be penalized in this manner.
John Tate on 26/06/2014 10:54:18
This is a joke . There are thousands of Swazis living in South Africa. They are the happy beneficiaries of many of the South african grants , pensions etc....
Maswazi on 26/06/2014 10:59:00
There is nothing wrong with such a law, it is in line with being legal and illegal. Even Swaziland has a law that deals with illegal immigrants, South Africa is not a Banana Republic where people will come and stay for as long as they please, its total rubbish. Stay for 30 days and leave the republic if you want to work apply for a work permit its very clear how to do what. If you want to go to school get a study permit.
Mduduzi on 26/06/2014 11:25:10
Five years is too much bekunene live letfu natsi leli. Akususwe loluthaka nakunjani.
Vuyiswa Maseko Hillside High School on 26/06/2014 20:23:51
Yes what they did was wrong but then banning then for 5 years is not a solution because we are well assurred that one of them is employed. Please Government of Swaziland do something because we know very well that Swaziland lies on the countries with Push factors where people migrate internationaly for job opportunities so help these 2 Swazi's regain their visit in South Africa
anonymous on 26/06/2014 21:45:43
Hey Maswazi I think you are under age sthru,very silly nd childish.You don't have a idea about what u are talking about .ngukuphi lapho Kangwane lapha batsatsisa khona ema wrk permit cause I c every driver here bonkhe abanawo most at KZN.wenake uyaphupha!!!
thandeka on 27/06/2014 00:13:21
Yoh! Yoh! Yoh! And what about south africans who overstay in Swaziland. This is rily bad because even our Government cant do a thing about it.
Miss Pedro on 27/06/2014 09:14:28
The proposed Swaziland- South Africa Employment and Labour Cluster Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Bilateral Technical Cooperation Agreements should be signed soon to enable Swazis to work in SA without to avoid labo overstaying

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