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image Clerk to Parliament Ndvuna Dlamini (l) ushers in former Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini (R) upon his arrival to take part in the ongoing MPs’ workshop held at Sibane Hotel yesterday. Also in the picture is MP Marwick Khumalo (back). (Pics: Mduduzi Mngomez

EZULWINI — Clerk to Parliament Ndvuna Dlamini lost his temper and lashed out at the newly-elected legislators.

Dlamini became visibly upset after he felt he was being challenged by the legislators on his knowledge of the Standing Orders.
Manzini South MP-elect Owen Nxumalo asked Dlamini to show the MPs which section of the Standing Orders stated that they should put motions while they were in the process of electing the Speaker. “I can get rigid and make sure that the formal nominations are only made in the House,” said Dlamini.

He said he was the Clerk to Parliament and, therefore, did not take kindly to people who were trying to challenge him. “I will not answer that question,” said Dlamini to the surprise of the MPs-elect.
Dlamini said he felt he was being attacked on the Standing Orders and was, therefore, getting emotional.

Manzini North MP-elect Jan Sithole asked Dlamini to be tolerant of the MPs as they were only asking because they did not know. “We were refused an opportunity to mingle among ourselves and we want to know the rules and law because we will be choosing a Speaker who will be our leader for the next five years,” said Sithole.

“Do not jump to being emotional because you know very well that we do not know the Standing Orders,” said Sithole.
Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo said the MPs had previously chosen a Speaker in a different manner. “However, I do not understand what you mean by saying that you can suspend Standing Orders without the leave of the House because no one can do that,” said Khumalo.
He said some of the things Dlamini was mentioning were not included in the Standing Orders.

“People will challenge this Parliament if we do things which are not according to the Standing Orders and let us not break them,” Khumalo said.
Nkilongo MP Hans Steffen said he was getting confused about the whole procedure of choosing the Speaker. “I am a businessman and I want to interview a person to hear what they will do for us and not do it based on people who have sent an SMS,” he said.

As other MPs tried to speak, Dlamini said he would not entertain them any longer to which Khumalo asked ‘sowukwatile?’ (are you upset?).
“If there is an MP who does not respect me I will call the police to come pick him up,” said Dlamini to Khumalo.
However, later Khumalo said he was used to the police of late.

Dlamini then said he would defer the matter to be addressed later. The MPs-elect asked Dlamini to be tolerant of them, with Mkhiweni MP Gideon Dlamini telling Dlamini that he had jumped the gun and should be patient with the legislators because they were new.   

Dlamini had earlier on in his remarks told the MPs that politics were not for sissys or cry babies.
He said in the near future they would organise a conference or a session where MPs would be schooled on how to absorb political pressure.  



Is escorted ex-PM still head of govt - MP


EZULWINI — Is former Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini still the head of government?

This was the question asked by newly-elected Members of Parliament (MPs) yesterday as Dlamini walked into the conference room with a full entourage of his police security personnel who were around eight in number.

Dlamini arrived at 9:45am at the Sibane Hotel Conference room where the MPs were being oriented.
As he walked into the room all the MPs, including those who were appointed had already been seated.
In his true form, Dlamini took his time and introduced himself to all the MPs one by one.

This process took about 20 minutes as the former PM, closely followed by his security, greeted all the MPs and made small chat with them.
Dlamini arrived in a BMW and was escorted by two police cars.  “Does this still mean that he is PM and not an ordinary MP, why so many police,” whispered the MPs to one another.   

Some of the security officers were taking a video and pictures as Dlamini manoeuvered around the room greeting the MPs some who were visibly in awe.     
“Utsini Hlobisile?” asked Dlamini when he met Pigg’s Peak MP-elect Jabulani Mabuza.     
A majority of the MPs were left in stitches as Dlamini made comment after comment.
When he met Kwaluseni MP Mkhosi Dlamini he asked: “So you are the one that beat Mabhanisi?”

Manzini South MP Owen Nxumalo who walked into the room late decided to take a sit at a row which the former PM had not passed. “I also want to greet him so I am going to take a seat in front, I will return to my seat,” he told other MPs. When Dlamini got to greet Nxumalo who had rushed to occupy the chair next to Manzini North MP Jan Sithole, Dlamini said: “Baka Manzini bahleli kanyenyekanye”.
When he met Shiselweni II MP Mthokozisi Kunene he said: “Oh you are the one that ousted Xaba,” referring to the former Minister of Health Benedict Xaba.

He also expressed similar sentiments to LaMgabhi MP Sicelo Jele who beat former Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuthuko Dlamini.  
He asked Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo how he was doing while there was plenty of laughter when he greeted Nkilongo MP Hans Steffen stating: “By the way you beat Trusty”.

Meanwhile, Dlamini’s extended term in office ended on Friday October 4, 2013 after he was given a two-week extension following the dissolution of Cabinet on September 16, 2013. Dlamini was then reappointed as an MP by the King over a week ago during an announcement which was made by the Elections and Boundaries Commission’s (EBC) Chief Gija Dlamini.  

After Dlamini had made his rounds he took a seat at the head of the second row before the guest speaker Reverend Grace Masilela prayed.
After the prayer a quick tea session was held where Clerk to Parliament Ndvuna Dlamini said the MPs could start lobbying each other for the candidates of Speaker and the ten senators.

The former Premier mingled again in the tearoom and sat among the new MPs. However, after the tea break the former PM did not return to the conference room which was when the MPs introduced themselves one by one.           
According to Finance Circular No.1 the former PM is expected to have security for a lifetime, but the circular is currently under review. 


MP Johane wants gender issue addressed urgently


 EZULWINI – Mbabane West MP-elect Johane Shongwe yesterday asked why the issue of voting for four women from the regions was not being addressed.

Shongwe asked Clerk to Parliament Ndvuna Dlamini why it was only the positions of Speaker and that of the 10 senators who are to be elected by the House were topics addressed.

“It is treasonous to ignore the Constitution and we all know how the elections went because only one woman was chosen why are we not addressing the matter,” wondered Shongwe.
Section 81 of the Constitution states that where at the first meeting of the House after any general election it appears that the female Members of Parliament (MP) will not constitute at least 30 per cent of the total membership then the House shall elect not more than four women from each region.

Dlamini informed Shongwe that he was still consulting on the matter and it would be addressed later.
Dlamini later took exception at Shongwe’s statement who later on told the Clerk to stop stating that he was busy consulting especially because they did not know whom he was consulting with.
“I just want to clarify that I consult with the Attorney General and not other people as some are insinuating,” said Dlamini.    


Ex-PM enjoying suspended Circular’s benefits


MBABANE – Former Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini still enjoys the security of two police escorts and a government car.

This is despite that Finance Circular No.1 of 2010 has been suspended while being reviewed by Pricewater-houseCoopers (PwC).
The former PM turned heads as he arrived accompanied by his two navy blue Mazda 6 escorts and BMW sedan at Sibane Hotel where MPs-elect are attending an orientation workshop.

Dlamini was appointed by His Majesty King Mswati III as Member of Parliament a fortnight ago.    
Currently, the Kings Office Chief Officer (CO), Dr Vincent Mhlanga, is Head of Government as appointed by His Majesty King Mswati III.
When Mhlanga was asked on whether there were any reasons why the former PM was still using police escorts, he said he was not aware of any reasons why the former PM was still driven around in a government car with escorts.

“I do not know anything regarding the matter you are asking me about, maybe there is an arrangement that exists, I would have to verify first before making any comment to the media,” Mhlanga said.
Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane said the former PM was being provided with security by police officers for security reasons.
“The outgoing Prime Minister is still a serious security case for the police. My experience is that escorts and security for principals such as the outgoing PM are not withdrawn abruptly. It is a policing factor more than anything,” Simelane disclosed.

The Attorney General (AG) Majahenkhaba Dlamini referred all questions to the former PM when asked to legally state whether Dlamini was entitled to be provided with full security by the police despite the fact that his tenure had come to an end.

“You should ask him (ex-PM), I do not find it relevant that I would respond to your question one way or the other. I think you should get his side of the story before interrogating whether it is in line with the Constitution or not because you have not yet heard from him,” the AG said.
No immediate comment could be sourced from the former Prime Minister.
When called at 6:18 pm, he was in a meeting.

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