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‘Voters paid E400 in Pigg’s Peak’

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PIGG’S PEAK – Pigg’s Peak primary elections results are currently rocked by serious allegations of rigging.

Disgruntled candidates want the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) and the courts to have the results nullified and the voting exercise started afresh.
This publication can reveal that what has sparked complaints and commotion over the results is that independent investigations have found that one of the aspiring members of parliament allegedly sourced votes from at least three textile firms in Matsapha.

It is claimed that the candidate, or candidates, paid the voters E400 each to cast their votes in Pigg’s Peak.
So serious is the matter such that it has since been reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for investigation, it is however, unclear whether the ACC will take up the matter at this stage.

Yesterday, a formal complaint from an aggrieved candidate was filed with the EBC. Sources claim a court application to have the voting started afresh is on the cards as top lawyers have been engaged by some of the candidates who lost the elections.
Information leaked to the Times is that the court case which according to well placed sources would be filed before the week ends is also seeking to have the election process in this town started afresh. 

This publication has established that one of the competent witnesses (imisumpe) allegedly colluded with textile senior employee from some firms to have the employees register to vote in this small town. This was, however, allegedly done at a fee.
The ‘hired voters’ were allegedly transported in buses and mini-buses to Pigg’s Peak, where they received their pay, which is almost equivalent to a week’s pay for textile employees.

Two textile employees have confessed to the Times to have boarded buses from Matsapha to Pigg’s Peak where they voted. The workers alleged that a registration kit was brought to their firm where they were advised to register to vote in Pigg’s Peak.

“Everything was arranged by our supervisor. She told us that one nominee in Pigg’s Peak has asked for our votes and that in return the candidate would pay us E400 each. Hearing such an offer, we did not hesitate but registered to vote in Pigg’s Peak. On Saturday, transport was organised and we were driven to Pigg’s Peak where we voted. We were each paid E400,” confessed the textile employee on Tuesday.

This publication has also established that some employees from three textile firms registered to vote in Pigg’s Peak. The allegations that textile workers had been transported to Pigg’s Peak started making the rounds on Saturday after two buses that trade along the Malkerns routes were spotted in town delivering people. Police officers were alerted and it was alleged that the buses were parked at Highlands Inn and His Majesty’s Correctional Services facility respectively. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) Chief Gija said they have heard that there are complaints regarding elections in Pigg’s Peak.

“The commission will meet and attend to the complaints,” he said.
The EBC has been flooded with complaints from candidates who lost in the elections.

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