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Muti sprinkling not allowed - staff warned

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MANZINI - SANU Vice Chancellor Winnie Nhlengetfwa has warned the institution’s staff members that sprinkling muti in offices was not allowed.

SANU is an acronym for the Southern Africa Nazarene University. The vice chancellor made the warning during the institution’s team building exercise that was held at the George Hotel conference room on Thursday.

She said SANU was different from other institutions of higher learning because it was a Christian institution.
She said other institutions of higher learning differentiated themselves from others using the programmes they offered while others used locations among other things.

“We are a Christian institution and we do everything through prayer. In this institution kuchela (sprinkling of muti) in offices is not allowed, yet some media reports have reported that some staff members in other local and regional institutions practice kuchela. We are also different from the other institutions, locally and regionally because information is imparted using faith, teaching and learning within the Christian context,” Nhlengetfwa said.
On another note, the vice chancellor said criminal cases were also not part of the institution’s characteristics. She said it would be a disgrace if a staff member or student could be convicted for a criminal activity.

She further urged staff members to be different from those in other tertiary institutions either locally or regionally, by dress code and conduct. She said people should easily tell by looking at them that they were from SANU, a Christian institution.

The team building exercise included the institution’s staff from three faculties; Health Science, Education and Theology and it was aimed at bringing the team together to know each other as members of the same institution, instead of working as individuals, she said.
The vice chancellor said the exercise was also aimed at providing staff members with a relaxed platform where they could interact and cross fertilise ideas for the betterment of the institution.


... new programme for head teachers to be introduced

MANZINI - A new programme to empower head teachers with leadership skills and inclusive education will be introduced at the Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU).

This was revealed by SANU Vice Chancellor Winnie Nhlengetfwa during an interview after the team building exercise that was held at the George Hotel conference room on Thursday. She said the programme; Bachelor of Education in Leadership and Management would be introduced this coming academic year and would be focusing in inclusive education.

“Following the introduction of the Degree in Special and Inclusive Education a couple of years ago, a programme that trains student teachers to be able to teach pupils with disabilities, we have found it imperative to introduce the said programme this coming academic year to help headmasters to be able to assist teachers who will be teaching the disabled pupils in their respective schools,” Nhlengetfwa said.

She said the institution has already admitted one disabled student and they would consider admitting more especially under the Primary Teachers Diploma.
Nhlengetfwa said the disabled student would learn with the other students in the same class where there would be equipment and a specialist to help that student during lectures.


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