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MANZINI – A Zionist prophet husband has been hauled before court after allegedly forcing his wife to abort a three- month pregnancy.

However, police intervened in time and the pregnancy was not terminated, though the courts are now dealing with the matter. This is the sad tale of a 36-year-old woman, whose 62-year-old husband allegedly compelled her to terminate her three-month  pregnancy on claims that he had a premonition of her death. *Nomathemba reportedly discovered that she was pregnant around March, after missing her menstrual period. When she and her husband discovered that she was pregnant, he purportedly ordered her to terminate the pregnancy on fears that his premonition would come to pass.


The pair appeared at the Manzini Magistrates Court for a confession last Friday. According to Nomathemba, when she informed her husband about missing her monthly period in March this year, and told him that she could be pregnant, her husband did not pay attention. She further revealed that likewise in April, she spoke to her husband again about the pregancy. The wife disclosed that she was a cancer survivor, who had been through chemotherapy. Nomathemba narrated that she went to the hospital at the grant of her husband’s permission and her pregnancy was confirmed. She narrated that she was told she was three months and a day pregnant and the nurse advised her to make a card for her unborn baby. “But because my husband had told me that he wanted me to terminate the pregnancy, I had an issue, I would then have to destroy the card,” she alleged in her confession that is yet to be incorporated into court records.


Nomathemba said she informed her husband and he said she should go ahead with the card, but they would still terminate the pregnancy. She said she requested her husband to keep the baby. Nonetheless, she said because her husband was a prophet who prayed for people, he told her that he had a vision that her pregnancy would have complications. “He said I could either die or have a disability,” she claimed. She said the husband did not respond to her plea. Instead, he said he was shown in the spiritual realm that she lacked sufficient blood. The wife said she again begged to keep the baby because she now feared that she would die from losing more blood by committing the abortion. She said at some point, her husband called and asked why she did not trust him as her husband. She further recalled that after a robust conversation, he agreed that they should keep the baby. However, before long, she said her husband reversed his decision.

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