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PIGG’S PEAK – A video showing a man being whipped while others, purported to be soldiers watch, has emerged. 

It is believed that the video was taken on Saturday when the incident happened at an area near Matsamo.

In the video, two men appear in a position in which they are ordered to press their fists against the ground. “Faka tibhakela phansi,” a voice is heard shouting as one of the men tries to stand up. 

It appears that only one of the men was being whipped according to the video being circulated. 

The man was heard screaming and calling out the words ‘Nkulunkulu wami’ meaning ‘my God’. 

‘Mtsele!’ shouts a voice in the background as one of the men holding a stick raises it to whip the victim. 


The video also shows some cash in South African R100 notes displayed on the ground.  

A man’s voice can be heard in the video saying, ‘mubute kutsi bekayisaphi le mali’ meaning ask him where he was taking the money to. 

“Eyi babe bengiyotsenga ligwayi, bengiyotsenga ligwayi,” the man responds, saying he was on his way to buy dagga. 

The video runs for about 30 seconds and stops. 

As the man was being assaulted, another could be heard laughing while the one being whipped screams for help. Several different voices are heard in the video and it could not be established how many people were present. 

It also appeared that the attackers were not aware that they were being videotaped. This publication has established that the video was leaked when it was shared on a social media App story status that shows only for 30 seconds. The video has since gone viral, leaving members of the public shocked at the level of the assault. 

Though the video lasted for about 30 seconds, it is alleged that the assault continued for several minutes.

In an investigation carried out independently by this publication, the cash displayed on the ground is said to have been arranged in amounts of R1 000. This amounted to an equivalent of E20 000 in South African Rand notes. 


It was also established that the two men on the ground were not travelling together when they were apprehended by their assailants. 

An impeccable source stated that trouble started when the man who was being whipped allegedly tried to buy dagga using fake banknotes. He was then apprehended after it was discovered that part of the money he intended using consisted of fake notes. 

It is also alleged that the man who was whipping the victim is a civilian. 

However, it was also gathered that there were some soldiers involved in the assault as this happened near a route normally used by South Africans or emaSwati who cross between the two countries. 

This publication also gathered that the assaulted man is from an area known as Nhlambeni in northern Hhohho. It was also gathered that he had not reported to the police the assault but that he was left with severe bruises. 

Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati noted that while the police were aware of the circulating video, no case had been reported regarding the incident. 

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