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PIGG’S PEAK – The whole point of the national partial lockdown is to ensure social distancing as this can help reduce the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19.

However, this is not what is happening at the Pigg’s Peak Bus Rank where members of the public gather in huge groups while waiting for public transport during the ranking hours of 5am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm. Noteworthy is that a teacher from a high school near Pigg’s Peak is said to have contracted COVID-19 while on a trip to Durban, South Africa (SA) and was listed as the ninth person to have contracted the virus.


Some members of the public were found sitting in close proximity - less   than the one metre apart, creating an easy means of transmitting the virus. When the partial lockdown was announced, it was stated that public transport would only operate between 5am and 9am as well as from 3pm to 7pm. In some of the groups, there were more than 30 people. Mciniseli Dlamini, who is a public transport operator, said it did not make sense for the police to prevent vehicles from operating because this was causing congestion during the ranking hours. He said the best way would be to allow public transport operators to continue operating during the day with fewer commuters.

Dlamini said the other alternative would be to allow the transport operators to continue transporting at least those who wanted to return to their homes during the day. He said if the situation continued as is, it would create an environment where more people would then contract the virus. Meanwhile, police continued controlling the movement of people around the streets. The police officers also continued calling on business owners to close shop and go home.

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