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LUDZIDZINI – It’s a new dawn for the Kingdom of Eswatini. This transpired yesterday when His Majesty King Mswati III called upon the nation to assist him in the appointment of the new prime minister. This move is unprecedented.

The nation arrived at the Ludzidzini Royal Residence as early as 8am and patiently sat in the blazing heat in anticipation of hearing the name of the new PM being announced, but this was not to be.

Instead, the King highlighted that he would announce the incoming PM on Saturday after he had heard input from the nation.
This in essence meant that from this morning until Saturday, the nation would be expressing its views on who the new government leader should be.    


Instead, the King whet the nation’s appetite by describing the sort of leaders who were needed to take the country forward. 
The King said as the nation was gathered at the Cattle Byre yesterday, it was clear that the people had been praying that as the country had reached the stage of getting a new PM, all would go well in that the right person would be appointed.

“The nation, I am sure, has prayed and wondered on who would be given this heavy burden, because this is indeed a heavy task,” said the King.
In vernacular, he said; “Sengubani lolotonikwa lomtfwalo ngoba ngumtfwalo lomatima lo nine bekunene.”
He said it became apparent as he was continuously in prayer that the angels and ancestors (tingilozi nemadloti) would appear to him and show him the right man for the job.

He said the angels and ancestors would show him the man who was given the authority to run the country.
He said such a person would be able to do it and the nation at large would also believe in his capabilities as the man to perform the required duties.
“As a result, I have also decided that maybe this decision would also be based on how your own prayers went,” said the King much to the delight of the nation.
It was at this point that the nation was sure that the King would mention the appointee.


However, he went on to state that the prayers were still ongoing, praying for the day that whoever was appointed would be the right person.
“Live litsi cha yindvodza sibili lena,” he said in siSwati.
“They (people who were praying) also added that they knew that the angels (tingilozi) would continue to visit me and I am also trying to sleep with the hope that the angels will come to me and show me who the man is,” he said.

His Majesty said the angels would come and show him which direction to look.
“The angels did eventually come and told me who it was, but said before I give the nation his identity, I must give the nation an opportunity to speak and hear their views on whom they think it should be and express other views,” he said.

The King said it would only be on Saturday that the angels would have given him the green light (Tingilozi titobe setikhanyise kahle) to show direction of where the nation was headed.

He said the beauty of it was that it was clear that everyone in the Cattle Byre had some form of angel in them who would guide them on what had to be done.
“Therefore you must also get an opportunity to express your view and I am sure on Saturday you will have made your submissions, including those who may express their views on the running of the country,” he said.

He said when the next PM was appointed, perhaps the nation would have heard what the certain man or candidate had to say.
“Maybe it will be someone who can communicate very well and can analyse things or issues,” said the King.
He said many individuals would make their presentations during the two-day Sibaya and “I will also be listening to what each individual is presenting.”
He concluded his remarks by stating that with these few words, he was leaving it up to the nation to make their contributions so that on Saturday he would be able to announce who the next PM was.      

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