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MBABANE – Cabinet ministers are partly to blame for the influx of Asians into the country.

This was said by Swazis who made submissions during the start of the investigation into the influx of Asians by a Parliament Probe Committee yesterday.
Different speakers made it known that most Asians entered the country easily under the guise that they were investors since no one bothered to scrutinise them properly.

They also pointed out historical facts with the argument that there was a need to look at what policies the country had in previous years to contain the influx of people of Asian origin. The call for an investigation was made in Parliament and a team was selected to go around and gather views from the people on how they were disadvantaged by the presence of the many Asians in the country.
The speakers of the day said they did not understand how the Asians gained entry into the country and dominated the retail business industry.

They argued that the issue needed to be looked into; both politically and administratively.
“The easy allowance of Asians into the country has corrupted the checks and balances of the Immigration office so this issue calls for an intense investigation into the abuse of political positions, especially in Cabinet. At political level, kufike kwavuleka lamagede,(the floodgates were opened)” one of the speakers said.

He argued that the issue of Asians coming into the country should be the priority of different ministries, including that of Defence as well as Commerce, Industry and Trade.
He said he had an encounter at one of the high commission offices where foreign nationals entered and made it known that a certain minister knew about their arrival into the country. “The minister was called and he said it himself that those people were important investors he was expecting and should be allowed in without a problem. When making laws, the focus should not be only on the Home Affairs Department but involve the other ministries as there is a lot at stake, including the security of the country,” the speaker said.

The general concern by the speakers was that the Asians had one mission, which was to take over the country and convert all Swazi nationals to the Muslim religion. According to the speakers, the Asians had destroyed good visions which the country’s authorities had implemented to develop the country, including the Swaziland Commercial Amadoda project, whose aim was to allow locals to open businesses on Swazi Nation Land (SNL). They also decried that Asians were buying Swazi property willy-nilly so much that they had now become the biggest customers for estate agents, which meant they would soon own every part of the kingdom.

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