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image Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preaching the Word of God to the over 5 000 people at the Mavuso Trade and Exhibition Centre. (Pics: Lindelwa Malinga)

MBABANE – Many people who attended the last day of the Healing Jesus Campaign claimed they received miracles.

The Mavuso Sports Emporium was packed with over 5 000 worshippers who came to witness the last day of services of Ghanaian Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, who arrived in the kingdom on Wednesday.
On the last day of the campaign, the man of God preached and prayed for those who were blind and those who could not walk.

 A woman testified that she arrived at the emporium carried by relatives but after the evangelist said those who needed a miracle should hold their area of problem and he would pray for them, she did just that, stood up and started walking.

A relative who came with her stated that she was also shocked to see her walking without being supported.
Gogo Mavuso, during her testimony, informed the evangelist that she had been using a walking stick after doctors informed her that she had water in her knees and would never be able to walk properly.
She informed the people at the emporium that she had since thrown away her walking stick after the evangelist had prayed for her.

Also giving a testimony was a man, who stated that he could not see with his left eye for the past 18 years and when the evangelist, on Saturday, said they should hold where they want to be healed, he held his eye and instantly, he could see.
Another woman told the evangelist that she had been using flat shoes for the past year as she had to drag her feet because she suffered a stroke.
During the testimony, she was wearing high heel shoes and stated that she did not think she would ever wear such shoes and praised God for the miracle, and was thankful to the evangelist.
Without giving her name, a woman stated that she had a problem with her bladder as she was bleeding non-stop.

She stated that she had seen all kinds of doctors all over the country and none of them was able to help her.
After the evangelist prayed for her on Saturday, she said yesterday, she woke up without any sign of blood.
One woman informed the public who had attended the five-day campaign that she did not see properly as she had a blurred vision but after she attended the campaign, she could see clearly as she explained that she could see the evangelist was a handsome man, who was light in complexion.

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ladlamini on 04/05/2015 13:24:44
Our blind and lame fill Mzimpofu and other institutions, please take the miracle evangelists there next time, or may be the Ghanaian evangist must pass there for just one miracle on his way to King Mswati lll international airport. Thanking you in anticipation.
Anthoniser on 04/05/2015 21:56:52
The man these clergymen claim to be worshipping, Jesus, taught people not to show off. He preached against praying out loud in the temple. If these pastors claim they can do miracles, they should go to School for the deaf in Siteki, we know for sure those are impaired. The moment they heal those, then we can believe them. We cannot tolerate instances where people are paid to pretend they're blind and claim they've been healed.
:) on 08/05/2015 10:30:39
Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills openly admits he cannot heal anyone, it is God who heals. He prays to God for the healing of the people and those who believe get healed. In many crusades he has said that if he could heal he would go to the hospitals and discharge everyone, but he preaches the word of God and prays for the sick, then God heals them according to their own faith. Don't fight the anointing that is upon his life, appreciate the good works that God is doing through his life

And also try to by all means quote the bible within context, don't just quote scriptures in isolation

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