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LOBAMBA – The seven Somalis asylum seekers have set up camp outside the Ludzidzini Royal Residence with the intention of seeking an audience with His Majesty King Mswati III.
In vernacular this is known as kumbhula ingubo.

About two months ago, the seven men walked from Malindza Refugee camp to the Lomahasha Border with the intention of travelling on foot back home. This was after they had a fallout with authorities at the camp.
However, they could not cross over to Mozambique because they did not have proper documentation.
Yesterday, they were found at a bus stop near the Lobamba Clinic before walking towards the royal residence.

Mowlid Omar Warsame, the group leader, said they decided to meet the King because they believe he would rescue their situation. “We have been advised by some community members from Lomahasha that we should not die at the border and that we must seek audience with the King or Parliament,” he said.

He mentioned that they resolved that meeting His Majesty would be the best option and further hinted that they would appeal to him to grant them Swazi citizenship.
After failing to obtain refugee status, Warsame said the next best thing was the citizenship. “We have given up with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the other organisations and that is why we want to meet the King now,” he said.
They believe the King would help them because they regarded themselves as his people, the Somalis said.

While singing His Majesty’s praises, the Somalis described him as a kind person who had humanity. The men, who were carrying their luggage, said they would only fail to meet the King if stopped by corrupt people. “There is a possibility that some government officials might try to stop us from seeing the King,” he opined without saying who these officials were.
After walking about 800 metres from the bus stop, they set up the camp under the shade and waited to be addressed by members of the security forces at the residence.
When the reporter asked some security personnel at the residence about the presence of the Somalis, most said they were not aware.

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sbu on 23/03/2015 21:43:16
Swaziland should let them go back to Mogadishu they are nothing but trouble. they will infest our local business then still, corrupt our one and only Swazi's with their irrational Tribal issues. Swazi's should get them papers to go back to Mogadishu or Somaliland there is no war there. Don't open the doors for the Somali's they will spread in the country like fire and create problems just like they are bad in the US, Canada, Norway and now in South Africa. They can not get a Swazi ID or passport neither citizenship.
Yes Sbu on 23/03/2015 21:51:01
They should be kept at the Refuge camp until they are safe to go back to their homelands. they can study in Swaziland under the United nations protocols yes but then to be Swazi or even get Swazi citizen ship its way complicated. Stay at the Camp, free from violence and war then get to be sent back to Mogadishu and Somaliland. Swaziland should never open the doors for Terrorist groups. they commit crime, practice money laundering and even spread their ignorance in the Swazi lands. no the King should refuse to meet up with them and let the Swazi immigration sent them back to the Refuge camps or sent back to Mogadishu. Swaziland is a Christian country and should promote Islam we all what they use Islam for.
sebe on 23/03/2015 22:02:30
Somalians are not good people, they come to Swaziland for what really? they should stay in South Africa big economy and Swazi's are one people and they can't and won't succeed with their terrorist mentalities. once they establish in Swaziland they will spread like fire one after another crossing the boarder to Swaziland and what will know their Islam crept in a Christian Swazi nation spread and then Bomb us like they did to Kenya...Let them stay the Refuge camps until their nations gets better then send them back to Mogadishu. Ask your self why Somaliland their own people don't take them? is because Somalians are nothing but trouble, causing problems in South Africa, Canada, USA and Norway. Somalians are known to be BIPOLAR and I can't believe that they have spread to Southern Africa. they should go to their Muslim nations like SUDAN Senegal, NIgeria, Morrocco etc.

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