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Eswatini is at crossroads; there are those who want multiparty politics and there are those who want tinkhundla. We have no knowledge of how many of the multiparty advocates are there.
What is clear is that corruption and reckless spending have spear-headed the call for multiparty politics yet in the majority, this is not a route people want to take. Tinkhundla was and is a brilliant concept. The downside is that it has been raped, abused and manipulated over the years against its intended purpose. It has now shown the face of belonging to a few whereas that was not the intention on inception.


Progressives claim that multiparty politics was scrapped in 1973 without the consent of the nation but sadly, they now want to re-introduce multiparty politics without the consent of the Eswatini nation. They must not use labour organisations to push their agendas and claim support. Let labour issues and political issues stand alone. It can be done and we have seen it being done in various so-called democratic nations. In most cases the national strikes called by labour organisations are not above board.


Workers’ rights are violated in that they are ordered to take part or face not being represented should they encounter disciplinary actions at their places of employment. Is that democracy?
In case I am misunderstood as someone who is in support of the current status quo, let me quickly state that the situation in our country is not ideal. Because of corruption, nepotism, reckless spending etc, we all want positive change. Where we differ is in the method used to change the situation. Different views are not tolerated by the so-called progressives and all sort of names are labelled against a person who has different views from their own.

We, the ordinary emaSwati, demand that the fundamental human right to chose be exercised and afforded. We are sick and tired of having a few individuals discussing our political future. We are capable of solving our own problems. We have become a laughing stock and this has to stop forthwith. I love Eswatini and so do many of its citizens.

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