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Values guide our every decision and, therefore, our destiny. Those who know their values and live by them become the leaders of our society. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you had a tough time making a decision about something, the reason is that you weren’t clear about what you value the most within that situation. We must remember that all decision making comes down to values clarification. When you know what’s most important to you, making a decision is quite simple.


The solution to all human problems is a return to values. In many ways, your unhappiness and stress are caused by your drifting away from doing and saying the things that you know are right. Most people, though, are unclear about what’s most important in their lives, and thus decision making becomes a form of internal torture. We must realise that the direction of our lives is controlled by a magnetic pull of our values. Everything that you do is a result of a choice. The ability to make choices distinguishes us from all other creatures. Every act you take, and every decision you make, is based on your dominant value at that time.


Your values are only and always expressed in your actions. It is what you do rather than what you say that tells you and others what you value most. A value is not something that you compromise when it is convenient. Your choice of values and your resolution to live by them form your character and personality. People are honoured and respected for the values they stood for and represented. Once you have defined your values, you should organise them in order of priority. The order in which you arrange your values is terribly important as well.
This ranking of values largely determines the kind of person you are and the kind of life you live.

Brian Tracy once wrote; “You should live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law.” In other words, before you make a decision or take an action, imagine that everyone else was going to do exactly the same thing. Imagine that your decision was going to become a law for yourself and everyone else. This is a true test whether your decision is a good one or not. What kind of a society would we have if everyone lived and behaved exactly the way you do. Many of the problems in our society would not exist if this test were applied regularly in debates over public and social policy.


We have to teach our children our philosophy of life by being strong role models, by knowing our own values and living by them. Teenage girls must be taught in every society to value themselves and education. This alone could play a vital role in reducing the pregnancies among the pupils in schools. The first step to creating any change is deciding what you want so that you have something to move toward.

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