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For the past few weeks, I have noted how the temperatures have been dropping, most probably in the middle of the night as it is when  the cold gets worse.

I added one more blanket and felt a bit warmer and I was happy that I might go scot free from the dreaded pneumonia. With the fragile lives we have these days, we are very vulnerable to catching a lot of sicknesses which can actually kill us, especially the ageing generation.
As I lay in my bed, I then thought about all the atrocities committed by government.

cruel weather conditions

I thought of Gogo Hlatjwako, who not long ago made headlines in our publication for being a victim of this cruel weather conditions and hunger. I thought of how many others are in the same plight as her. 
The mega question that came into my mind was, ‘since DPM has obviously read about the plight of this senior citizen, what has he done? Did he make a visitation or at least send someone in his office to go there; not only to assess, but help the old woman?

Obviously no! Nothing was done.  It was just business as usual and chances are high that he is used to such, and it no more has an effect on him. But then, I can’t blame him weNkhosi.
 It is the system of not caring for the elderly of this country.

Whether the elderly sleep in the open with nothing in their stomach, no one cares. In fact, I think when an elderly citizen passes on, it is now said: “its good riddance to bad rubbish.”
That’s how I view things. The elderly of this country are marginalised and vulnerable. The sad part is that government does have lots of money, but it’s not channelled to the priority areas like providing health and social services to the citizens but it is for the minority to spend recklessly.

situation of homelessness

 I sometimes wonder what is going on in their evil minds.
How can you even spend half an hour in bed with an electric blanket knowing very well that there is Gogo Hlatjwako of Nkwene who is sleeping in the open? What does the MP of that constituency think?
It can come as no surprise that on the voting day, he will come to fetch the very same gogo Hlatjwako to vote for him.

Seriously, our politics stink like a dead donkey. Can the minister for Housing do something about the situation of homelessness in the country? We do not want to lose our elderly through negligence by our government.
As a matter of fact, does it have to be Philani Maswati who has to look after the vulnerable?

I have never heard a heated argument debated in Parliament about the elderly being properly housed and catered for.
All I know is that when it comes to debating about their hefty salaries, they all stay awake during the whole session.
My article for today was directed mainly to the office of the DPM to swiftly move towards collecting data for all the vulnerable old citizens and thereafter ask for a supplementary budget as a matter of urgency to cater for these old citizens.
I know my request is falling on very deaf ears but at least I know it will be read and God will judge them by it.


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