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Allow me space in your newspaper to air my observations about the only police service we have in the Kingdom of Eswatini. It is not only disturbing but also disheartening to be within an organisation but never be consulted on certain things that happen within that organisation.

I have always thought while I was outside the police organisation that it was one of the professional ones within the country but have since been shocked to discover that it is actually one of the worst organisations in terms of its running. Well I may not be a good analyst but communication and consultancy within the police service is never encouraged.  

The organisation is run on a “praise me approach” other than doing what is not only good for the organisation but its citizens as well. Lately everybody within the organisation is fighting for his or her own recognition other than working collectively as an organisation.  
I have no proper way and words of describing this organisation but I see disaster here.

I don’t want to be misquoted into having said the major cause of this is what, but according to my observation the idea of knowing that if a certain individual has impressed someone somewhere somehow that individual won’t go home (retire) is one major causes of this disorder.  Let this organisation be one that puts its people first and considers its interests last. Doing things by merit calls; but the police are expected to be one exemplary unit that does same.

The conditions under which junior officers are living are pathetic and nobody seems to care, all that is of paramount importance in making the police look “ok”.
Are they ok? All that I have discussed goes a long way in all operations of the organisation, be it promotions, transfers and internal capacity building/ training programmes. 

 None of the abovementioned is done by merit anymore. If you have no one to enlist you, you are down and out. We need to remember that we were once colonised by the British and hence the things we do; were formulated by them hence we must remember that all was done for a purpose. The different branches within the organisation all have different reasons for them to be there.

 Capacitate each branch as per the specification of its founder and you will then get its intended results.
If one were to conduct a research about CIDs for instance and find out as to what percentage of them have had that special detective training one would be amazed.

I have neither authority nor power to have things changed in this service but let’s all work towards one common goal.
Serving the nation diligently as per our mandate and internationally expected standard and that will only be possible if we target not only a few individuals to compliment us so we get favours but doing the right that we should do.

Let this organisation be proudly Swazi and be run for the good benefit of every Swazi. Let those younger children who want to be police tomorrow come join and never regret when they are inside.

We can as the police be professional and that has to start not from certain ranks of the organisation but should be done by the organisation as a whole.  Everybody in life wants recognition, but appreciated recognition is one that is perfectly observed by bystanders.  “Push not” for recognition but let it come to you while you do the good job. I thank you.

Kai Kai social member

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