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The main problem with the Tinkhundla System of Governance is the failure to see wrongs or failures, thus repeating the same mistakes over and over again. 
The system has been contaminated by numerous inefficiencies; bad governance, mismanagement and corruption tendencies, among a host of others.

Dead wood officers are recycled from one position to another, thus guaranteeing their permanent employment as if suggesting that retirement is for certain officers. Why is recycling so common in the corridors of power in the country, yet these individuals have dubious characters?

No matter what people say about them, they are repositioning themselves for re-elections, re-appointment or appointment into some positions or committees.
Could recycling be the source of the failure in whatever the Tinkhundla System of Governance attempts to do to better the lives of Emaswati?

Let us examine what Members of Parliament, including Cabinet individually and collectively, do wrongly or simply flout the laws of the land. Who would have forgotten the grab-land saga by Cabinet with unbelievable discounts and the Swazi MTN and SPTC war that left numerous customers with SPTC gadgets unused, among a host of others?

The individuals in Cabinet have had their share of wrongs; questionable moralities, self-interests ambitions, empty promises, self defeating statements, praise singing pronouncements yet disagreeing with in private, and all these have contributed to the mistrust of the Tinkhundla System of Governance and the crop of its leadership.

As if this is not the end of clowning by these officers; some parliamentarians are still facing fraud cases in court yet they are crafting laws in Parliament.
If Emaswati could look back from the first Parliament up to the current one, there are a lot of traces associated with moral decay and most of these are found in the current one.
It is hoped that Emaswati are beginning to differentiate between wrong and right, good and evil, peace and silence, respect and fear, knowledge and ignorance, the past and the future. Emaswati need to understand and recognise that each one of us is passing through, but should lay a good and sustainable foundation to help the next generation.

 M Shongwe

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