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I wonder if head teachers are adequately trained for their posts. Apart from maladministration and the regular misappropriation of funds, their human resources management skills are highly questionable.

The truth is that the worker-boss relationship in schools is at its lowest ebb. Teachers are not taken as significant stakeholders by head teachers.
They are always treated with no respect, dignity and courtesy. They are humiliated and ridiculed in front of pupils.
These civil servants are always victims of workplace psycho-terror perpetuated by their leaders. They are always bullied and expected to be compliant and submissive to tyrannical manipulation.

Hitting back and showing assertiveness is considered insubordinate and misconduct. Apart from this pathetic situation, appalling working conditions and meager salaries add salt to injury. As a result of this treatment most teachers are affected by illnesses such as depression and most teachers’ deaths can be attributed to these circumstances.

My question is where should teachers report their grievances in the Ministry of Education bureaucracy? Is there a human resources office at the TSC? Inyandzaleyo safa! We are sending an SOS.

Our trade union, SNAT, seems to be preoccupied with bread and butter issues, not our daily welfare.
The paranoid and insecure behaviour of head teachers at times exhibits a lack of confidence in their administrative abilities, in fact they are mediocre.

The modus operandi of promoting head teachers should be changed or there should be capacity building programmes.
What is Vision 2022 without quality basic education?

Disgruntled teacher  

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