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I am certain that people from all backgrounds, who enjoy keeping abreast with current events taking place in the world, must be wondering what has gone wrong with the leaders of many countries. Judging by their actions, it seems as if some of them have lost touch with reality or have even lost their minds altogether.

There is an ancient Greece saying which goes; ‘If the ‘gods’ want to destroy you, they make you go mad’. In other words, the ‘gods’ use you to destroy yourself without you even realising it. The phenomena of suicide, self mutilation and drug and alcohol abuse have been increasing at alarming rates all over the world but this phenomena of self destructive behaviour also applies to entire countries via their leaders. As things stand, the leaders of some countries are intent on leading the people of their countries down the path of poverty and oppression with political ideologies which have proven time and time again to be disastrous wherever they were implemented.

Other leaders have become a law unto themselves and have transformed their roles from presidents or prime ministers to owners of their countries whose economies they treat as their own private bank accounts while their people are treated as tenants who are only remembered when their taxes are due.

The fact that many of the people whom these leaders have entrusted to help them rule their countries have decided to follow their examples and have also become a law unto themselves, doing as they please, does not seem to be of any concern to them, even when it leads to instability in their countries, because of their delusions of being in complete control when in fact the opposite is true.

Then there are the leaders of certain countries who have no problem at all exposing their people and countries and much of the world to mass death and destruction, as we now seem to be witnessing. This isn’t surprising. After all, if the world has already suffered a First World War and a Second World war, what would prevent a third world war from happening?

The Bible tells us that there is a God whose ways are just and loving, but it would appear that the leaders of many (most) countries do not govern their countries according to the ways of the Almighty God. Perhaps this is due to ignorance or unbelief. Perhaps it is due to believing the wrong things.

Swazi Citizen

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