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Cops charge Nkomishi'!

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MBABANE – Manzini Wanderers and national team goalkeeper Sandile ‘Nkomishi’ Ginindza was yesterday charged by police officers on his assault case which will see him appear before a magistrate this morning.

This follows an alleged attack and threatening to assault a fan immediately after the final whistle had been blown by referee, Senzo Nkambule in his team’s league clash with Mbabane Swallows which they lost 1-2. He attacked Deputy Sheriff Sandile Dlamini and had to be forcefully removed by the police who quickly intervened to diffuse the scuffle.

The incident took place at the old Trade Fair Ground on Sunday afternoon where a nasty fight involving Wanderers supporters, police officers and Swallows supporters, also continuing to a free-for-all fight at the bus rank where some were injured. "I could not let the case go unreported. He has got to learn a lesson," said Dlamini.

He said, his behaviour was ruining Wanderers as a club because they need sponsors but no one wants to associate with a club that has undisciplined players.

Asked if he would forgive the player and drop the case after the player told this publication that he wanted to personally apologise for his actions, Dlamini said, "I’m waiting to be given a court date that’s all."

The player on the other hand sounded remorseful for his actions. "I don’t know what went into my mind at that moment. I really don’t know and if I were to see him, I’d apologise," he said.

He also apologised to his club, supporters and everybody else who is football follower and assured that such will never happen again. Asked if Dlamini had said anything to offend him, he said it all happened so fast he does not know how it happened but found himself doing it and was regretful.

Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent, Wendy Hleta confirmed the matter and said Ginindza had been warned for court today.

E15 000 fine for ‘Nkomishi’ if found guilty!

MBABANE – It never rains but pours for Manzini Wanderers goalkeeper Sandile ‘Nkomishi’ Ginindza.

The goalkeeper could also be in trouble with the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) as he may face a fine of not less than E15 000.

The Sihlangu shot stopper ran amok on Sunday immediately after the final whistle in the league clash against Mbabane Swallows and attacked a fan, triggering scenes of violence from his club’s supporters as there was more fighting with police and with the latter’s celebrating supporters.

The fighting between the two club’s supporters also proceeded to the bus rank from the Trade Fair premises. According to the league’s Rules and Regulations in Article 7 which provides punishment for unsporting behaviour and misconduct, the fine is not less than E15 000.

The rule in sub-section 1(f) provides that assaulting a fan or spectator either before, during or after a match shall be liable to a fine not less than E15 000 by the Disciplinary Committee. In addition, his club or him shall be ordered to compensate the victim for any financial loss incurred due to the assault.

However, this is most likely if he is implicated in the match officials’ report which had not yet reached the PLS office at the time of compiling this report.

"There’s no way we can avoid punishing the guilty but for now, we can’t say much because it is only after we’ve seen the reports that we’ll then take action," said PLS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zakhele Dlamini.

Moreover, he faces an internal disciplinary in his club that has already made it clear that it will work on the matter as it was not good for players to misbehave. Wanderers’ PRO Vuyile Dlamini also condemned such misbehaviour.

...fan threatens cop, arrested!

MBABANE – As the skirmish took place, a Manzini Wanderers fan who threatened a police officer with assault ended up spending the night behind bars.

The fan’s name could not be established but it was confirmed he was a Manzini Wanderers supporter as he wore the club’s replica. "It’s true, one Wanderers fan is in custody here after assaulting a police officer who then opened a case of assault," said a source.

The police officer said to have been threatened by the fan was well known traffic officer, Danka Fakudze.

Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent, Wendy Hleta confirmed the case. "It’s worrying that violence in our stadiums is increasing once again. Before it was fans, now even coaches and players are also fighting. We want to ask that the football structures remind the teams about sportsmanship behaviour," she appealed.

She said as police it was true that they would always step in where there is a criminal element but still expected the clubs to also effect their codes of conduct on the players.

"In Fakudze’s case, he was not actually physically assaulted but threatened with assault and also obstructed him in his course of duty fully clad in police uniform. They accused him of being a Leopards’ fan and had no business in this game yet he was on duty and when we work, we’re not fans or officials but police officers," she said.

However, she could not establish when the fan would be appearing in court, and only warned that they do not expect to be obstructed in the course of duty. The fan faces a charge of threatening to assault and obstructing an officer in his line of duty.

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