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People are jealous of Gridlock director

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May you allow me to express myself on this issue. My attention was caught by the article which appeared on your paper on October 11, 2010.

The way I see it, ngumona wodvwa nje lona, and this is exactly what will make us not to prosper.

We do not support each other, even Mbongiseni Ngubane sings it, ‘umuntfu lomunyama akatsandzi kubona lomunye umuntfu aphumelela, yekela umona.

What is the problem really? This guy is young, energetic and intelligent.


This is exactly what we a looking for, in fact more young people should be standing up to take over.

New ideas are needed to help raise the economy of our country, but truly speaking, how many people in government have businesses?

Just because his business has reached the million mark, sesiyakhuluma?

Let’s think about it, how many Swazi men and women are depending on this man for a living?

Let us look at the brighter side and stop trying to destroy each other.



These guys from Gridlock are just good, they came in and the city was clean. I’ve seen them in action, many times, they are no different from the Royal Swaziland Police. Is that not what we are looking for?

The managing director of this company has the relevant experience in the field of security and he is using that to help us all, why then should he be criticised in this manner?

I am just a concerned citizen. I’ve seen other companies try to do this and fail.


Gridlock has come up with a different approach, even the crime rate has dropped in the city.

Many people are afraid of these guys, including me. What more then do we want? Let us support our young entrepreneurs.

My message to Gridlock Director: stay strong, do what you are doing, do not pay attention to the storm around you.

Yours concerned

Sibusiso Dlamini

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