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With…DJ Smallz

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Hip hop is fast becoming the most popular music genre among the youth. This has also resulted into some of them getting into deejaying and one of the youth who has dived into the small but growing pool of hip hop spinners in the country is 19-years-old Nkululeko Nxumalo from Tisuka in Manzini.

He goes by the name DJ Smallz, plies his trade at Club Le  Zone, and says he got into the deejay industry just ‘for the love of hip hop’. STYLE brings you up-close and personal with the Salesian High School former pupil who now earns money through getting people dancing at a night club:
STYLE: Please briefly tell us about yourself?

SMALLZ: I am a people’s person and I love to have lots of fun.
STYLE: Why did you get into the deejay industry?
SMALLZ: For me it is not a career or a passion, but it is something I decided to do because of my love for hip hop. I have always been involved in the production side of things and was with Kromatic Records where we produced hip hop tracks. This was until I recently moved to Antidote Records where we do tribal house and I met with DJ Cheeze who then introduced me to deejaying.

STYLE: When did you did start deejaying?
SMALLZ: I started about three months back after I met with DJ Cheeze and that is round about the same time I started at Le Zone after Cheeze introduced me to his colleagues including Lady Cream and 69 who then taught me the basics. I then got to sharpen my skills with the help of Mr 505 who is helping me become a better hip hop deejay.  
STYLE: Which of the two appeals more to you and why?
SMALLZ: I love being a deejay more because of the fact that you get a response from a live crowd and it also brings you more fans and friends.  

STYLE: Which of the shows you have played in is the most memorable so far?
SMALLZ: It has to be DJ Tira’s show because I played just before him and the crowd loved my set.
STYLE: You have made quite an improvement in such a small time, what is your secret?
SMALLZ: I try to keep up with what is new in the hip hop music scene. I collect new hits so as to play new and good stuff. This I do through watching TV and surfing the internet. I also practice a lot so as to sharpen my skills and acquire new ones.   

STYLE: Who is your favourite hip hop spinner?
SMALLZ: It is Channel O’s DJ Waxxy because he plays new stuff and is very good at mixing.
STYLE: Urban Wear has many labels, which is your favourite?
SMALLZ: It is DC clothing because it comes from clothing for motion sports and I used to be a biker and have a passion for such sports.   

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