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Well done Minister Lindiwe for firing councillors

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Thank you for the opportunity to appreciate the disciplinary measures being taken to wrongdoers.

This must be a lesson to all public officers and civil servants that they are in their positions to serve the general public. They are not in those positions to suppress and frustrate development, they are not in office o enrich themselves through corrupt practices.

They are not there to misinform our king, campaigning for positions.

Public officers should have clear explanations where there is necessity other than excuses of their failures. Accept constructive criticism when they fail to perform more especially because they are paid from our pockets.

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini, may I draw your attention and illustrate how I suffered and lost my business and property at the hands of the Manzini municipal. I would like to seek help from your office as how I can be compensated for the business and property lost.

I hold two licences from the Ministry of Commerce trading at that bus rank. On February 9, 2009 in the evening they dug big holes and trenches which made everything impossible to move.

Everything came to a standstill. There was no notification whatsoever.


Involve the concerned and the affected party in the decision making. The issue was the use of the Satellite rank. Development and expansion is necessary considering the traffic congestion from the main bus rank. Intensive consultation is necessary as you initiated after the confusion created by the minister of public works and transport including the fired councillors.

The people who are directly involved were never consulted, such that even the construction of the Satellite rank itself was constructed in a corrupt manner.

Around 2001, I applied to open a shop in the shops they owned at the rank. I was given the shop keys to inspect the shop and wrote down defects noted for renovations. When time came to sign the lease agreement, the municipal refused with the shop keys and subsequently the shop was given someone else.

I approached your office at that time the Honourable Albert Shabangu the late through his PS Paul Nkambule referred the issue back to the council. The CEO at the time left, and his successor left unceremoniously, just as we had started our talks.

The issue dragg-ed and dra-gged until the city council and the fired councillors for the whole night of the February 8 dug holes at the rank without notice.

Today I think those people employed, their dependents, the business lost, loans, lost income to many dependants who were assisted by the business, the income tax department is even asking money from a penniless man like Enock.

So in the interest of fairness and procedure in harnessing professionalism, justice can be seen to be done in this matter as you had started firing the wrongdoers.

Lastly, may one thank His Majesty King Mswati III at the Smart Partnership for his directive that our pension provident funds should be used to start projects.

I urgently need my money to start my business.

Personally, I do not wish to die poor and in a foolish way. Thanking you in advance of your close co-operation.

Enock Meshack Mngomezulu

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