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Satellite RANK BOYCOTT: Ntuthuko sends warning to SFTU

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MATSAPHA – Government has issued a stern warning against the boycott of the Satellite Bus Rank by the SFTU slated for today.

SFTU stands for Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU).
Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuthuko Dlamini, at a press briefing, requested the union to cancel the proposed boycott and let government work on the issue the right way.

Dlamini assured the nation that business would not be disturbed as tight security would be deployed to man peace and easy flow of business at the bus rank.
“We are calling upon the SFTU to stop the proposed boycott until the issue is dealt with at government level. We’ve heard that the union is planning a boycott, but we feel this is not the right forum to do such since this issue has not been given to the prime minister yet and it will disturb our negotiations with him should the boycott go ahead,” said the minister.

Dlamini said he was extremely worried at the way the SFTU wanted to handle the issue because the reports that he got about the rank were always positive.

“Street vendors are saying business is now flowing the right way since the Satellite Bus Rank started operating.
Government views this as job creation to those who were doing nothing as some are making use of it,” he added.
The minister also called upon the SFTU to look at the consequences of such operations as they may not only affect the transport operators, but also members of the public.

“Let us assure the nation, not to panic, but go to their respective workplaces at the rank without any doubts as we will make sure there is peace,” he said.
On a lighter note, the minister said his experience when he disguised and boarded a kombi taught him a lot of things about operations of the Satellite Bus Rank, and that the response he got from passengers was positive.

“Once the passengers realised I was in that kombi, they were very happy and told me how much they appreciated my tactics in going all out to the field and seeing their issues first hand.
Some said the bus rank is working very well and they think there is ample space for the transport than before. Out of all the comments I got, I never got a negative one,” said Dlamini.

Forget it, boycott is still on - SFTU

MBABANE – The Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU) says it will press on with the mass boycott of the Satellite Bus Rank today.

When informed that the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ntuthuko Dlamini, had issued a strong warning against the boycott, SFTU Secretary General Mduduzi Gina said this was news to them.

“A statement? I would have thought the minister would also engage or inform the union on this issue because we are available 24 hours. We are not trying to fight the minister or government, we actually respect him and had we been called to talk, perhaps we would be considering otherwise.

“At the moment nothing changes. It is encouraging that they are working on more talks on this issue, but while they are doing those consultations, transport operators will go back to the main bus rank,” he said.
He said workers were concerned about the Satellite Bus Rank, and they are looking for a lasting solution just like government. He, however, said since this issue affects workers, government must also involve them in the consultations.

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