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That monster called ‘last seen’ on WhatsApp!

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A few months ago I did mention on this same page that while we are all thankful to technology for the social networks that connect us with our friends and lovers, it is the truth that they are also bad for relationships.

Some of my readers asked me to elaborate on what I really meant and I told them that the social networks were now making it easier for the guys.
Guys no longer struggle or go through the old style of courting a woman for months until she says yes.

Some years ago, a guy would hustle for months before even getting a kiss from a chick. But nowadays you meet in the morning, exchange numbers and meet later on the same day and the rest as they say, becomes history.
This, according to me is one of the reasons why our relationships no longer last. Everything is rushed.

We no longer spend time getting to know each other. All we do is rush and play the bedroom game. Next thing the guy disappears and leaves you devastated and drowning in tears. And then you say men are dogs blah blah blah! Yes you will call him a dog when suddenly he becomes scarce on your BBM.

First you will lie to yourself and think that perhaps he is swamped with work and has no time for social network chats. But hey, check his WhatsApp and get the shock of your life. He is actually online chatting to others! Yes he is chatting and not responding to a message you sent him hours ago where you were just checking how he was.

I am a woman and those who know us well know that we have this problem of taking minor things and make them big issues which is why that ‘last seen’ notice obviously changes my mood. If I send you a message and you do not reply the whole day and when I check your WhatsApp I discover that you have been online or last checked five minutes ago, my mood will be killed instantly. I will start making conclusions that perhaps you are with another woman when in actual fact you are just chilling with your guys at a bar watching a boring Pirates versus Amazulu game.

While I have heard from some classy buddies of mine that with the new gadgets like the latest iPhone, one is able to disable the feature; my feeling is that there was no need for it in the first place. Why should my man track me? Ningive kahle, I am not saying this to promote infidelity and cheating but honestly the feature is just not good for our relationships.

So I am requesting Mr WhatApp to remove this ‘last seen’ functionality completely because my fear is that with the fast pace at which technology moves, very soon the service will graduate from ‘last seen’ to ‘last seen with’ or even worse ‘last seen at’ which  will be nothing but a serious disaster for many couples out there.

Imagine your boyfriend not calling you the whole day and when you check his WhatsApp you see a notice that says ‘last seen with Nomcebo’? You will definitely go crazy. I thank you!

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