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DURBAN – Eswatini companies have learned new marketing strategies from Africa’s Travel Indaba.

This was the response from representatives of hotels and companies which had attended the event which was hosted at the Durban International Convention Centre on the last day of the event.

It began on May 2 and ended on the 4th. Most companies attested to the fact that they acquired new perspectives and strategies from the indaba’s exposure.


These included, but were not limited to, speed networking and online diary. 
This was despite that the Republic of South Africa was underway with preparations for their national elections.
Xolile Tsabedze, Sibane Hotel representative stated that they had learnt new marketing strategies from other companies which were at the Indaba.
Tsabedze also affirmed that they had engaged with numerous buyers from as far as Holland and China.

She highlighted that events such as these were essential in that they exposed Eswatini businesses to global businesses that were doing well in the tourism industry. Tsabedze said they learned a lot from them. 


There were 19 companies which had attended the tourism occasion and most of them expressed that they were satisfied with their buyers, who all came to the party and showed interest in their services.

Royal Villas Marketing Manager Thandeka Dlamini said all their potential buyers had come to them to enquire about their services.
“We are very pleased with our buyers who have seemed to grow from the previous year. 

She attributed this to the online diary which the hotel used to set up meetings with potential buyers. Dlamini added that they had also met with their customers who had supported them over the years.
The marketing manager stated that they engaged with them to hear their comments, suggestions and recommendations on the services provided by the hotel.


She said this was done to strengthen and maintain the relationship between their customers.
Meanwhile, Louigi Rossi, Happy Valley General Manager (GM) said, “There has always been a meaningful impact from the Travel Indaba. I think that in the past few years with the institution of the world travel market we have seen a less crowded one; however still very positive in relation to consolidation of relationships with the tour operators and foreign outbound travel agencies from the African countries.”

He reiterated that they had acquired consolidation of business and relationships with the existing companies that the hotel was already working with.
He also said they had also established new relationships with some up and coming tour operators and travel agencies outside of South Africa.


He said this was because the African continent tourism had become more apparent and there was less interest from the African people to go to Europe.
Rossi said they were keen to visit other African countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Uganda among many more.

He said Eswatini was one of the countries which had been able to keep its traditions intact; hence it had a promising and thriving future in the tourism sector.
On the same breath, Moses Vilakati, Minister of Tourism, expressed his appreciation for the success of the event not only on its own but for Eswatini as a kingdom. He appreciated the collaboration between the countries that traded their tourism packages.


“Over all, all the companies exhibited their services and expressed that they were bought,” said Vilakati.
He further mentioned that some of the companies had lost their voices as a result of the influx of tourists from around the world who came to ask about the services Eswatini had to offer to visitors.

Vilakati encouraged companies in the tourism sectors which had not attended the event not to miss it next year.
He said the country should begin preparing now by positioning itself to the international market.

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