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MPs had to withdraw vote of no confidence'

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MBABANE - Parliament had no choice, but to withdraw the vote of no confidence on Cabinet.

This was disclosed by Mpolonjeni MP, Nicodemus Mashwama, yesterday.

Mashwama explained that the King’s resolve on the matter automatically compelled MPs to rescind the motion. He explained that the King, as the highest authority in the land, has executive powers to either implement or not implement the MPs resolution to axe Cabinet. He said the King’s powers are enshrined in the Constitution.

He clarified that the MPs’ vote of no confidence on Cabinet was merely an advice to His Majesty King Mswati III. He said it was then within the King’s discretion to implement the advice or not.

Mashwama said in the event MPs gave advice to axe Cabinet the Premier has to resign within three days.

He added that if the Premier does not resign, the King then has to dissolve Parliament.

"The nation has to understand that whatever MPs decided either pro or against Cabinet, they were doing that as part of emabandla (committees) advising the King.

"If the King decides not to accept the advice, as he may elect to do so as the highest authority in the land, he has to be respected as it is his right.

"In the issue of the vote of no confidence, the King decided to not accept the MPs’ advice. Protocol, as all Swazis understand, dictates that MPs had to automatically succumb or relent to the King’s wisdom in dealing with the issue.

"Obviously the King’s actions showed that he is not sanctioning the axing of Cabinet.

"For the sake of national progress and respect for the King, as the nation’s father, we just had to reverse the motion. Every Swazi, worthy of his identity, will understand that you just can’t continue maintaining a stance that is against your father," said Mashwama.

He said there was absolutely nothing sinister about the MPs who changed their minds against the vote of no confidence on Cabinet.

He said even their oath, when assuming their honourable statuses, states clearly that they are not only serving the nation, but the King as the father of the nation.

"It is an honest fact that we backtracked on our decision to axe Cabinet.

"We did this because we believe in the wisdom of the King as the father of the nation that he has the best interest of the nation by not sanctioning the removal of Cabinet," said Mashwama.



- Ok i get u Mr Mp, then my question is;1 which section did u(house) quote from the national constitution when withdrawing? 2 Do we(nation)still have to respect the constitution? 3 Do we really need the constitution in this country so far or we rushed to something we're not ready for?
November 14, 2012, 8:00 am, Banele C Mbhele Tiyawashaya

- i get you also Mr Mp. but what i want to draw your attention to is the blatant disregard of the country's constitution, actions of this nature epitomize the increasing deterioration for the rule of law and respect for democratic governance in the country. The constitution was undermined, breached and flouted in more ways than one. as a nation where do we go from here...?
November 14, 2012, 5:01 pm, Temantimandze

- @Tiyawashaya gud questns boss. MP Mashwama seems so confused as to why they withdrew the vote against cabinet. The answer is because you had no opposition that was going to refuse this funny decision. You MPs are just a totally confused team that lacks leadership and insight. The constitution does not give the king any choice but that when such a vote of no confidence against cabinet is passed "THE KING SHALL REMOVE CABINET OR DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT". I fail to understand where MP Mashwama gets the clause on the king's discretion. Anyway why must the king interfere with administrative issues of the country, well Tinkhundla regime what can we do or say. The constitution was crafted to suit the desires of the current regime in Swaziland. In any event how was it assented to as all stake holders rejected it as not a democratic document???????
November 14, 2012, 5:01 pm, Mcebo

- Awsome indeed! Do you Swazi MPs choose when to take your King`s word & when not? Where were you, what did you do when the same Cabinet failed to heed the same King`s directive on the teachers` issue?.I mean even now some teachers are still being harassed by the same group of failures you later changed your minds on sending home. Awusicolele ye Mashwama, if you`ve got no clear discription for your job in Parliament just shut up or take a nap as most of you do. We are not fools here. Sizwe.
November 14, 2012, 5:01 pm, JOEL

- Shame on the rubber stamps called parliamentarians. Quite clearly they are in Parliament to fulfill someone's wishes not the interests of the Swazi populace. But is the 'dishonourable MP' aware that he is saying the king decided to go against sibaya which clearly and outrightly rejected the current cabinet and requested that it should pack and go home during sibaya. The question then is who should defend the Constitution if the people who are entrusted with the primary duty of defending the Constitution negate their obligation. Is this to suggested that the country's leadership has failed the Swazi people. awu laze lafa elihle kakhulu!!!
November 14, 2012, 5:01 pm, uMhlanti waseMadulini

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