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Low cost tractors from Sri Lanka

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LOZITHA – A Sri Lankan company has shipped 40 tractors into the country, which are designed to cost less but help farmers get optimal crop production.

His Majesty King Mswati III was presented with one of the tractors by the company, which has already opened a manufacturing and assembly factory in Swaziland.

The project by the EDNA Group is one of the fruits of His Majesty’s recent visit to Sri Lanka. Their local branch is situated at the Matsapha Industrial Site.

Chairman of the EDNA Group Lal Edirisinghe said a new tractor costs E23 000. He said when it comes with components, which include a planter, plough, dresser and others, it then costs about E39 000. His Majesty was shown the tractor at the Lozitha Palace where he appreciated it. The chairman said a similar tractor would be presented to Her Majesty the Indlovukazi today.

"We have already shipped into Swaziland 40 tractors and 100 are on the way. For now we will be specialising in the assembly plant but soon we will also start the manufacturing plant."

He said the tractor could be used even as a water pump as well as an electric generator.


Swaziland Investment Promotion Agency (SIPA) acting Chief Executive Officer Phumelele Dlamini said farmers were encouraged to buy the tractors as they are cost effective and can be used for multi purposes.

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