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Swazi TV suspends two over Umhlamga clip

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MBABANE – Vusi Gamedze, the acting Assistant News Editor at the Swaziland Television Authority (STVA), has been suspended from work.

STVA Chief Executive Officer Bongani Sigcokosiyancinca Dlamini, in an interview yesterday, said Gamedze had been put on hold along with Avid Editor Ernest Mabaso.

Dlamini said the pair was suspended for having violated the terms and conditions of employment of STVA and code of conduct by allowing a foreign news story into the bulletin that misrepresented the annual Umhlanga Reed Dance Ceremony.


They were suspended last Tuesday (September 4, 2012) for 14 working days, without pay.

"On Monday (September 3, 2012), you were the News Desk Editor (sic) and you negligently let through to your bulletin a story from Channel France International (CFI) misrepresenting the Umhlanga cultural event," reads in part the letter of suspension directed to long-serving employee Vusi Gamedze.

The Monday, which was a public holiday, was the main day for the event.

The office of the CEO felt that the article by CFI was not only inconsistent with the cultural event, but portrayed a far-fetched report about the gist of the whole ceremony.

Both Gamedze and Mabaso are accused of having failed to cross check all the facts in order to provide the public with accurate and comprehensive balanced information.


"I, therefore, charge you with gross negligence as in accordance with the STVA terms and conditions of employment of 2008," states the letter.

It further reads: "You and your Avid Editor Ernest Mabaso are, therefore, suspended from work for 14 working days. This disciplinary measure is also in accordance with the discipline for correction of misconduct and /or inadequate performance."

The CFI report on Umhlanga


MBABANE – Channel France International fed the global community lies that the annual Umhlanga Reed Ceremony was meant for His Majesty King Mswati III to choose a wife.

This is the story, aired last Monday (September 3, 2012), that landed acting Assistant News Editor Vusi Gamedze and Avid Editor Ernest Mabaso in trouble resulting in the subsequent two-week suspension.

"The falsity in the story is that His Majesty chooses his wife from this gathering every year," reads one of the letters of suspension endorsed by Chief Executive Officer Bongani Dlamini.

"Further this event has been deliberately misinterpreted in the story as an event that is not culturally for its national values, but for something else outside the scope of its function."


Dlamini pointed a finger at both Gamedze and Mabaso, accusing them of having acted negligently by failing to detect that the insert was not true and misrepresented the cultural event so fervently respected by the Swazi nation.

... ban lifted prematurely


MBABANE – The two-week suspension imposed on STVA senior employees Vusi Gamedze and Ernest Mabaso has been lifted prematurely.

This is why Gamedze’s voiceover was heard in the news bulletin yesterday even-ing.

This was confirmed by Bongani Sigcokosiyancinca Dlamini, the Chief Executive Officer, yesterday.

"I hope they’ve learnt their lesson after having been found guilty as charged," Dlamini said.


"I hope and trust that they would not be found guilty again with misconduct and negligence as an element."

The duo, according to the CEO, was expected to report bac

k to work today.


He also hoped that the suspension would act as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

The lifting of the suspension effectively means Gamedze and Mabaso have been suspended for only a week.

Initially, they were suspended for 14 working days.


 - Do u blame them for such comments? All along it was known that a King chooses awife at the Reed dance. Sikhula nje vele sati kanjalo. Its tym the advisors or anyone in charge come out clear on what is done at umhlanga besides the dancing by de maidens
September 05, 2012, 5:12 pm, Cebza


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