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King, Mandela's granson spend about 25 minutes on kudlalisela

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LUDZIDZINI – His Majesty King Mswati III spent nearly 25 minutes doing kudlalisela to the thousands of maidens at the Reed Dance Ceremony yesterday.

Kudlalisela is when the King enters the dancing arena and moves around the maidens with his regiment to appreciate the girls.

Mandla Mandela, the grandson of South Africa’s iconic former president Nelson Mandela, was alongside the King as he did the kudlalisela. A businessman from South Africa identified as Joe Mazibuko was also present.

Normally, the King spends at least 10 minutes doing kudlalisela.

Yesterday, however, he took long and moved around the girls only once before returning to his seat where he watched the maidens’ dance until the end of the ceremony.

Journalists had a tough time trying to keep up with His Majesty as he went around the girls and the security personnel did not make things easier as they kept on removing members of the fourth estate from being in the front.


Other members of the King’s regiment also failed to keep up with the King and were seen leaving the arena looking tired. This, in regiment terms, is known as kwephula. The girls could not hide their excitement at the sight of the King being close to them and were seen waving their hands, with some shouting exuberantly.

After finishing the kudlalisela, the king headed for his seat but then took time to pose for the many people who had assembled with their cameras where he was to go past.

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