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Another judge to be sworn in today

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MBABANE – Another judge will today be sworn in at the High Court.

Justice Mary Mamyassin Sey from Gambia will be the second judge in a space of a week to join the Swaziland High Court bench after Justice Esther Ota from Nigeria who was sworn in on Friday.

She had been serving in the Sierra Leone High Court before her appointment into the country’s jurisdiction.

Judge Sey possesses 33 years of experience, 25 of which were in the legal field at Bar.

She became the first female to be appointed a judge in Gambia. She possesses vast experience in criminal law, rule of law, judicial reform, governance human rights and political issues.

She also has experience in peace building programming in developmental, transitional and post conflict settings, especially in West Africa.

Judge Sey once conducted a judges seminar in Swaziland a few years ago. She is going to be sworn in by the Chief Justice, Michael Ramodibedi.

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