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Percy should apologise - Radio Sikuphe owner

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MBABANE – The Directors of Radio Sikuphe, Bheki Mazibuko has called upon Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane to apologise for saying the station was operating illegally.

The government mouthpiece last week said Radio Sikuphe was a case for prosecution because they were operating without a licence in the country despite that the station is live-streamlining on the internet.

"The government mouthpiece needs to prove to us as to what the internet broadcast licence looks like. He should also state as to how many online radio stations all over the world have been granted such a licence," said Mazibuko in a five page statement sent to this newspaper.

"If we do have this kind of a licence in the country, why was it being hidden since we have other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Mxit, to name but a few. Now the question is, does one need a licence to have access to such social media networks?" Mazibuko wondered.

Mazibuko accused Simelane of misleading the public.

"He should consult first before talking on something he is not sure of because in the near future people in Swaziland won’t take him seriously on whatever he says," said Mazibuko.

He said Radio Sikuphe was an online initiative that seeks to market the Kingdom of Swaziland to the entire world.

"With regard to the FM licence application, for his own information, it is still with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology’s Stan Motsa," said Mazibuko.

When reached for comment, Simelane said he made the statement after the radio station’s Manager Justice Dlamini said they were accessible within a short distance radius in such instances where they were, for example, broadcasting a live match at the Mavuso Sports Centre.


"If they are using internet and nowhere at any point do they use the country’s frequency then they are off the hook. The problem becomes where anybody, not just Radio Sikuphe, tempers with the kingdom’s frequency," said Simelane.

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