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Church probes sodomy gospel singer

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MBABANE – The church of the gospel music singer who is accused of sodomising young boys, has launched its own investigations to get to the bottom of the allegations.

The pastor of the singer said he assigned an elder in his church to investigate and bring answers to him.


"I have gathered that he managed to get certain information and is bringing it to me over the weekend. It is then that we can conclusively say whether the allegations are true or not," he said.

Two young men aged 23 and 24 told Swazi News, on separate interviews, alleged that they were among many boys who were allegedly sodomised by the singer in the past.

Meanwhile, one of the alleged victims’ aunt told Swazi News that the 23-year old man, has also reported to her that he was sodomised by the singer. The victim is also related to the singer at the centre of the allegations.


"I went to where they work and found that one of them was away on business. I then decided to arrange another day. Other family members are also expected to come over (from the victim’s home, outside Manzini,)" she said.

Meanwhile, the victims of the singer allege that he had hired them in his barbershop and then lured them to his room because they had no place of their own within the capital city.

However, none of them have reported him to the police in fear of their personal identities being exposed, which would result in public ridicule.

The identity of the gospel singer will be revealed in due course, as Swazi News continues to unfold the story.


In seperate interviews, the victims of the gospel singer explained that he lured them with the promise of securing them jobs.

When they got to town, he told them to ‘lodge’ at his flat, which is where he made his advances.

Both said the singer trained them to do barber work in his salon, which is situated around the capital city.


We would like to congratulate the pastor and the church where this gentleman worships. Nguloku ke lokufunwa sive semaswati at least kitsi tsine that comment on some the articles of the times of swaziland. Sitsi tsine bo pastor must help us if we sin. They should investigate and bring us back to the faith. We know that when we err we should be receiptive to correction and chastisement. In all the other cases of the gentlemen who have been fighting one another whereas they are coming from the same family and from churches batsini bo pastor babo, why are they not helping them.
October 23, 2010, 14:30 pm, anthony dlamini (anthony.dlamini@yahoo.com)

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