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What's new? History just repeating itself

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Sekunjalo futsi. This time it’s Nsenga, tomorrow it will be elsewhere. You can tell that this is systematic and well calculated. It is by no coincidence that the Nsenga community one day woke up and found themselves with an imposed ‘chief’ just like it happened with Macetjeni and KaMkhweli.

This is no accident. This is primarily a re-distribution of ema-phakelo to bantfwabenkhosi. The modus operandi is the same as before. There is no proper communication between the affected community and those responsible for chiefs. 

 BakaNgwane kwakubo ke loku but it is obvious kuyabe-hlula and they hide behind the saying that the king has spoken. Itolo besisebentisa silandzela siSwati, today akunjalo siphumile emasikweni - sikhishwa yiroyal family that is supposed to be in the forefront of upholding imihambo nemasiko.

My heart bleeds for the people of Nsenga because I know what they are going through, having travelled that road as a bonafide resident of kaMkhweli.


It is quite an irony that Mr T.V Mtsetfwa was in the delegation that ‘introduced’ Prince Maguga to the community of Macetjeni (I am made to believe), and again he was in the delegation that introduced Prince Sobandla.

It is also very ironic that Prince Sobandla, who was the Home Affairs Minister during the KaMkhweli/Macetjeni evictions, is the centre of controversy this time around.

He actually authored the letters of eviction then, and I guess the current Home Affairs Minister who happens to be a chief himself will author eviction letters to those opposing Sobandla (if it comes to that). 

Mr T.V Mtsetfwa is speaking in a forked tongue when he says people are welcome to go to the king because he knows they will not be allowed access as it is happening with us.

Every time we go there we are told, ‘inkhosi yacedza ngaleyo-ndzaba’ yet according to us we have an unresolved matter, why then are we denied audience with the king? The communities where their chief has died must be living in fear because they are next to be swallowed up. Bantfwabenkhosi have arrived.

Swazi Citizen


Sobandla must desist from such unacceptable behaviour! Sobandla must look for jobs outside the system!Sobandla must not bully and force the residents of Nsenga into accepting him.Residents of Nsenga know what they want.Haranguing and bludgeoning citizens of Nsenga into accepting Sobandla's chieftainancy is diabolic.Citizens of Nsenga have taken a stand! They dared to be different! They are refusing to follow the norm! They are asking why! They want to chart their own destiny!Citizens or residents of Nsenga must not go to the King. They know the response they will get. They must stay in their terrority. They must defend it with their toil,sweat and blood! Sobandla cannot offer advise to the people of Nsenga. He knows that the channels he asks them to follow will rule in his favour. We are tired of the likes of Sobandla. In my opinion he has never done anything for himself except to be handed favours by his brothers!
July 10, 2010, 1:39 pm, velaphi dlamini (d.velaphi@yahoo.com)

Sad but true. This trend is in par with the bombing of Lozitha bridge if you ask me. This I say in terms of destroying peoples lives by the very people claiming to be the voice of the nation. It is cases like this where I tend to agree with progressives on power distribution in our beloved nation. Bonkhosi, Cha ke phela sekuyonakala. NgesiSwati libito laloku BUGOVU. Solo eMalangeni akeneli tikhundla? Take a moment and think about how one is now to address Sobandla; Senator Pastor Chief Doctor Prince Sobandla???? I am a tinkhundla fan and this is so because of my personal beliefs. However; truth be told enough is enough. As if PM's being Dlamini's wasn't enough. As if "emehlo" nominations wasn't enough. BoDlamini you are killing the core of what unites our nation and then you turn around and point fingers elsewhere. What is worse is that they refer the Nsenga community to approach His Majesty for a protest. Guess what, the very people saying this are the ones that will act as the Nsenga folk liason officers. Talk about a player-referee situation. The concept of kuphakela is not a bad one because it gives the area an advantage of having a direct link to their Majesties without going through the Emabandla for editing. On the contrary, this trend of grabbing the ruling powers from the area's natives is a silent insult. If there is one thing that will destroy lakaNgwane it's not the friction between progressives and conservatives but the continuous imposing of royal powers to the people that already are on their side (tinkhundla). In simple words this is what is meant by changing the system from within. I hope His Majesty takes this seriously. Swaziland is known to keep her traditions and customs, one wonders then why this chorus is not sang now kuletindzaba leti because there are people living in those areas before the 'kuphakela' takes place.
July 10, 2010, 2:01 pm, Gweje

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