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Hlobi grilled!

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LOBAMBA- The newlyestablished Sports ministry was yesterday described as a ministry without a leader.

Appointed Member of Parliament (MP) Thuli Dladla said no work was done by the ministry under the leadership of Minister Hlobisile Ndlovu.

In fact, Dladla said the ministry was far better when it operated as a department than its current autonomous status.
She was speaking during the tabling of the ministry’s second quarterly report in parliament yesterday.
Dladla also noted that the ministry should start being productive if sports were to make any headway.


She said the minister had three bills before her and none of them had reached parliament for discussion nor were they near being finalised. The bills are the Youth Bill, Sports Bill and Arts and Culture bill.
Dladla said the ministry lacked innovation and had failed to record any significant success story since it was formed last year.

Qualifying her scathing attack on the minister, who is currently away in Paris, France, Dladla said the ministry had failed to finalise the roll out of the youth fund, which was for the use of youth in the Tinkhundla centres.
She said the minister was former deputy minister of the Regional Development and Youth Affairs ministry, and was therefore not new to the programme.
“This is one programme which she could finalise in one day if she could sit down and plan because it is not new to her,” she said.

Dladla said the ministry had failed to come up with its own initiative, but ride on some people’s ideas.
She said the ministry would claim to have partnered with House on Fire for the Bush Fire festival.
“This was a well-marketed event by the House on fire organisers and the minister should not use it as her success story. We should see the ministry coming up with its own ideas and innovations to promote 2010.
Dladla said the ministry should come up with a clear plan on how to promote and benefit the country’s youth.


“We cannot be impressed to see a doll or popeye dancing around the country (in reference to Zakumi) and think this will help us,” she said.
The minister, who was represented by Public Works minister Ntuthuko Dlamini, will reply in writing.
Minister Dlamini requested the portfolio committee chairman MP Frans Dlamini for protection on MP’s allegation that there was no thinker in the ministry.

“We need to be careful on how we address the house and for a member of the house to say that we ‘cannot think’ is not acceptable,” he said.

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